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Oct. 5

  • Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Ankenytown Rd. on a report of a 9-1-1 hang up. Dispatch advised upon a call back a female said everything should be okay. When asked by dispatch if she was in a safe place she responded she didn't know. The female was later arrested for disorderly conduct in a medical facility.
  • The complainant reported her property was taken from the porch at her residence. There are no suspects at this time.
  • Carli Brown was located and arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Mount Vernon Municipal Court. Brown was transported to the Knox County Jail and released to jail staff.

Oct. 6

  • A complainant called the KCSO to report his fiancee left the residence and he has not heard from her for several days. A deputy responded and the missing person was entered into LEADS. A “be on the lookout” was released for the female. A report was completed for additional documentation.
  • A deputy was advised of an injured deer on Lower Gambier Rd and Gambier Rd, The deer was dispatched for ODNR and a report was written to document the incident.
  • Ammon J. Keim and Michael Magabe were attempting to back on to Walnut St. and collided with each other in the middle of the roadway. There were no injuries.
  • Amber B, Adams was arrested for disorderly conduct with persisting while intoxicated, Adams refused to get out of the middle of the roadway. She continued to stay in the roadway after given multiple orders to get out of the roadway. Adams continued to stay in the middle of the roadway presenting a clear and present danger to herself and other motorists. Adams was also charged with resisting arrest. She was transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.
  • The complainant said Tyler D. J. Ferreira was attempting to leave the residence. The complainant advised Ferreira was throwing things at her and had punched her in the face. The complainant also advised there were two juveniles present during the altercation. Ferreira was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault. He was transported to the Knox County Jail. Photographs were taken and statements were collected.

Oct. 7

  • Deputies and fire personnel responded to a Colgin Rd. address because a vehicle was on fire. Jeremy Frye was subsequently arrested for OVI during the investigation. The fire department extinguished the fire but the vehicle suffered major damage

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