Fredericktown fire hydrant testing

Fire hydrant testing has begun in Fredericktown.

FREDERICKTOWN -- The Fredericktown Community Fire District began conducting a series of testing fire hydrants in the Village of Fredericktown on Monday, Aug. 26.

If will take a couple months to conclude this first testing and document the information. Over the next week, the following areas will be the focus of testing:

 High Street in the area of the old elementary

 Tuttle Avenue

 Trailer court

 Westgate Drive

 Hydrants along Ohio 13 south of Ohio 95

 Village Parkway

 Hydrants along Ohio 95 west of Ohio 13

 Hydrants around the Fredericktown K-12 building

 Levering Drive

 Salem Ave Extension

These flow tests, as recommended by the NFPA, differ from the hydrant flushing that the Village conducts throughout the year. During the course of hydrant flushing by the Village, they open or close valves as a part of their process.

For flow tests to provide accurate data, the hydrant and water system is kept in its “normal” state of operation and would show what pressure and flow rate to expect on any given day.

It is not possible at this time to test the hydrants during the village “flushing.”

Firefighters will gather the flow data from the hydrants and utilize it to pre-determine what hydrants are best to access when responding to a fire related emergency. If mechanical issues are found, this information will be conveyed to the Village.

Fire department officials identified these tests as a priority to help with the district ISO (Insurance Service Office) score, which measures the fire prevention and suppression capabilities of the department.

Fredericktown residents should be advised, the testing of hydrants can cause some rust to appear in the water for a short amount of time. While there are no health hazards associated with this, it is best to avoid washing white or light-colored clothing while testing is underway to avoid the possibility of stains.

The FCFD will post information about hydrant testing, and areas that are slated for work in on the Facebook (FCFD Station 410) and the website

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