The Knox County Career Center and its students were very involved in the 2019 Food for The Hungry drive.

MOUNT VERNON -- The total for the 2019 Food For The Hungry drive has climbed over the quarter of a million dollar mark.

The latest total, as of Thursday, has the drive collection at $251,376.89 and 21.5 truckloads of food.

“We are so very fortunate in Knox County that there is common knowledge regarding the importance and value of the food pantries that serve hundreds of families every month,” said Samantha Scoles, FFTH president.

“The school collections are invaluable philanthropic lessons we hope students will carry with them through adulthood," Scoles said.

School totals from the 2019 drive include:

• The Central Knox County Elementary School collection, hosted by Psi Iota Xi Sorority — The students collected $5,107.78 and 6,346 food items equaling 5.8 truckloads of food.

•The Greater Knox County Elementary School collection, hosted by Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority, involving Centerburg, Danville, East Knox and Fredericktown schools — The students donated $4,165 and 2,782 food items equating to 2.29 truckloads of food.

•Knox County High School collection, coordinated by Central Ohio Technical College, raised $3,454.20 and 2,034 food items or 1.629 truckloads of food.

The school breakdown is Centerburg High School, 200 food items and $400; Danville High School, 285 food items and $507; East Knox Schools, 193 food items and $354; Fredericktown High School, 73 food items and $1,042.38; Knox County Career Center, 1,110 food items and $862.50, which includes a spaghetti dinner that raised $346.58; Mount Vernon High School, 173 food items and $288.32

The top collecting schools in both the Central Knox County and Greater Knox County competitions are recognized and awarded with multi-year traveling plaques, sponsored by COTC, to acknowledge their achievement and contribution to Food For The Hungry.

The Central Knox County Award was presented to the Knox County Career Center while The Greater Knox County Award goes to Danville with the middle school out-competing the high school.

Other notable donations include:

•The Knox County Career Center Online Silent Auction of Christmas themed gift baskets, $1,720.

•The Snowflake Gala, hosted by Kenyon College, $90,000.

•Facebook pop-up auctions with massage certificate packets from Top Notch Massage Therapy, $864.

•The Fredericktown Christmas Walk featured many events including: Auction, $2,582.00; ornament sales featuring the iconic image of an old truck with a Christmas tree, $465; 5K Fun Run, $525; Little Red Buckets, $50; Craft Show, $200; Gingerbread Competition, $263.50 with 18 entries (youth winners were Ava Buckingham and Asher Grogg; adult winners were Scott and Holly Hoppe).

•Mount Vernon Nazarene University, various events, $6,520.55

•The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County Food, $72 and 2.56 truckloads of food.

•Elixir Presents Foodstock 2019, $2,050.00 and a half of a truck of food.

•The Knox County Park District Fire and Ice event, $524.06 and 2.5 truckloads of food.

•Mount Vernon Dental (along with Super Q 93.7 WQIO), $4,493.00 and 14 food items.

•Shakti Fit, $107.

•Zumba with Carrie Vail on Thanksgiving morning), $100.

•Contemporary Dental Care, 163 food items.

•Mid Ohio Auctions LLC, $300.

•Knox County Board of Realtors, $320 and 200 food items from their annual dinner.

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