Drivers exam station closing car photo

MOUNT VERNON — Beginning Sept. 1, Knox County residents needing to take a driving test to get their license will have to go elsewhere. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles is closing 13 drivers examination stations throughout Ohio, including the Mount Vernon station on North Sandusky Street, on Aug. 31.

According to Kristen Castle, director of communications with the Ohio Department of Public Safety, the BMV is closing the stations to streamline processes, optimize resources, offset costs, and improve customer service. In an email to Knox Pages, Castle wrote that the 13 stations are “underutilized testing stations that are either part-time or staffed with just a single employee in locations where demand for knowledge and skills tests is very low.”

Knowledge tests are the written tests; the skills test is the road driving test.

The BMV will shift the knowledge tests from the stations being closed to nearby deputy registrar agencies that provide more hours of service. It will move the skills tests to larger existing exam stations. As part of the shift, nine locations will expand their hours from two days a week to six.

“Incorporating staff into existing [driver examination sations] will expand testing opportunities at nine locations initially throughout the state to include a full day schedule on Monday, allowing us to provide better, expanded six-day-a-week service while simultaneously reducing costs,” Castle wrote.

Beginning Sept. 1, the closest driver examination stations will be Newark in Licking County and Ontario on Richland County.

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