Danville Police Graphic


Sept. 9

  • Trash issue – North Street, Danville
  • Assisted Mount Vernon Police – Beech Street, Mount Vernon
  • Assisted Mount Vernon Police – Ash Street, Mount Vernon

Sept 10

  • Luke Goudy age 25 of Howard was issued traffic citation for speed and charged with possession of marijuana

Sept. 12

  • Dog complaint – East Main Street, Danville
  • Two separate disturbance complaints – West Rambo Street, Danville

Sept. 13

  • Assisted Sheriff’s deputy – Coshocton Road
  • Assisted Sheriff’s deputy – Nashville Road

Sept. 14

  • Traffic violation (loud exhaust) – South Market Street, Danville
  • Traffic violation (improper turn signal) – South Market Street, Danville
  • Suicide attempt – East Walnut Street, Danville

Sept. 15

  • Traffic violation (loud exhaust) South Market Street, Danville

Sept. 16

  • Cruelty to animals issue was reported to DPD which occurred outside Danville. Case turned over to Knox County Sheriff’s Office
  • Disturbance – West Rambo Street, Danville
  • Drug paraphernalia (used syringe) was found lying in street area of Mickley & West Rambo Street. Syringe will be properly disposed

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