Ashland University Eagles bulding and mascot

Ashland University is located in Ashland, Ohio.

ASHLAND – A group of Ashland University students may have interacted with someone who tested positive for the novel Coronavirus 19, according to a press release issued by Ashland University on Tuesday afternoon at approximately 2 p.m.

The students attended the recent Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland from Feb. 26 to 29 and returned to the AU campus the following week before leaving for spring break.

It was later discovered that a person attending that same conference has tested positive for Coronavirus, the press release stated. 

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Ashland University Safety and Security was notified of the possible exposure of the AU students and contacted both campus officials and the Ashland County Health Department. 

The students have been notified by the Health Department, and they are cooperating fully with Ohio Department of Health guidance. Ashland University officials are working internally to ensure proper protocols are being followed for students, faculty and staff.