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MOUNT VERNON — The Knox County Board of Elections is asking city residents to weigh in on whether to have all city precincts vote in one location or continue with separate polling locations.

Deputy Director Scott Howard said the idea came up at a recent BOE board meeting.

“We're just putting the question out there,” he said. “There's nothing definite or anything. We're just trying to get the public's view and go from there.”

According to the BOE website, the city has 12 precincts. In the most recent election, there were three voting locations: Energy Fieldhouse, Urton Clock House, and Mount Vernon Academy. If city residents favor one location, they would vote at Energy Fieldhouse.

To take the survey, click here.

Moving all city voting to one location has advantages.

“We have to provide rovers to go to each location to make sure things go right,” Howard said. “If it was all done in one location, the rover would be on site to take care of the problem.

“If there's a power outage and we need a generator, it's easier to get one generator vs six,” he continued. “It would reduce the number of poll workers needed.”

Howard said that in terms of ballot and voting machine security, it would be easier to have the Knox County Sheriff's Office monitor one location instead of multiple.

If city residents favor one polling location, Howard said the board would probably make the change for the Nov. 2 General Election so as to be ready for the 2022 gubernatorial election.

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