Bald eagle nesting

A bald eagle nests in Ohio.

COLUMBUS -- Our national symbol, the bald eagle (haliaeetus leucocephalus) displays many outstanding characteristics - exceptional vision, a striking appearance, and a commanding presence.

Sadly, by the later half of the 20th century, the bald eagle was classified as an endangered species. Through the diligent efforts of wildlife biologists and a concerned public, the bald eagle population is coming back and is no longer on the federal endangered species list.

Its federal and state status is now delisted but it is still in a federal monitoring stage for five years.

Bald Eagle's nest graphic

Although bald eagles are no longer endangered, they are still protected under the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

It is illegal to disturb bald eagles. When viewing these majestic birds, remember to respect the animal’s space and stay at least 100 yards away from the animal or nest. Disturbing bald eagles at the nest site could lead the pair to abandon the eggs.

As with many of Ohio’s native wildlife species, bald eagles require specific habitat conditions to thrive. Bald eagle habitat protection and research is funded by the sale of bald eagle conservation license plates, income tax check-off donations to the Endangered Species and Wildlife Diversity Fund and sales of the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp. Learn how to support Ohio's wildlife like the bald eagle.

Watch: The Rise and Fall of the Bald Eagle in Ohio [recorded webinar]


Knox County went from 7 nests in 2012 to 16 in 2020, a 129-percent increase.

Richland County went from 5 nests in 2012 to 14 in 2020, a 180-percent increase.

Ashland County went from 2 nests in 2012 to 9 in 2020, a 350-percent increase.


Learn more about bald eagles in Ohio and how you can report your sightings of these magnificent birds at:

bald eagle population status report

bald eagle nest census

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