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Mount Vernon defeated Ashland, 49-32, on Thursday night at Mount Vernon High School. The Yellow Jackets were led by sophomore McKenna Brokaw, who scored a game-high 16 points.

Danville defeated Fredericktown, 61-40, at Danville High School on Wednesday night. The Blue Devils were led in scoring by CeCe Newbold, who had 20 points. Jacklyn Nussbaum tallied 12 points for the Freddies.

East Knox defeated Fredericktown, 56-52, at Fredericktown High School on Tuesday night. Sophomore Shane Knepp led the way for East Knox with 16 points, while Fredericktown's Lincoln Cunningham scored a game-high 22.

Centerburg defeated Northmor on Friday night, 33-29. Hayden Hankinson led the Trojans in scoring with 18 points, while Hunter Mariotti anchored Northmor with 12.