Centerburg's Oldtime Farming Festival

Centerburg's Oldtime Farming Festival Parade is set for Sept. 21.

CENTERBURG -- The Oldtime Farming Festival Parade in Centerburg will be on Saturday, Sept. 21, at 10 a.m. The public is invited to join in or watch the excitement.

This year’s theme is “Farmers: America’s Food Basket.”

All parade entries will stage at the Centerburg Church of Christ, 3830 Columbus Road, Centerburg. Judging is from 8 to 9:30 a.m. All entries for judging must check in at the registration desk no later than 9 a.m. to pick up a judging number.

"We ask that all entries proceed to your designated row and park first," states a press release from the parade committee. "A person will be present to direct you to the proper row for your category. Once parked, one person needs to come to the registration table.

"Preregistration is encouraged. Preregistered participants also need to check in to receive a number if they want to be judged. If you do not want to be judged, come to the table anyway to register, if you haven’t, and state you do not wish to be judged. There is no charge to enter."

All animals will be staged on the high school parking lot, not on the grass behind the lot. Look for direction signs. Horse trailers are to go to the staging area by way of MS/HS entrance, not the Church of Christ entrance. Prepare for judging ASAP.

All animal units will line up at 10 a.m. on the grass between the church and the school for the parade. All other entries will stage in the church parking lot and be prepared to stop for row staging instructions.

Winners will receive a ribbon before the parade and a plaque at the park after the opening ceremony following the parade.

The majority of the parade will be directed by a Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy to turn into Fred Wade's field. Once units are in the field, they should return to field entrance and exit onto highway, turning whichever way is necessary.

For those units going south on Route 3/36, turn right at Webb’s Marathon Station, stay on that street until you come to Clayton Street and turn right. Travel down Clayton until you come to Houck Street, turn left and continue to its end. You can only go left to Route 3, then turn right and continue on to MS/HS parking lot.

Only the band and Marshal float, calliope, Quarters in the Sand, tractors that will be displayed in the park and a few others will be directed into the park. The rest will be directed into Fred Wade’s field. All parade entries will follow the direction of the Deputy directing this traffic.

Please mail registration form no later than Sept. 10 to Oldtime Farming Festival Parade Committee, c/o Brenda R. Veltre, PO Box 729, Centerburg, Ohio, 43011.

"If this isn’t possible, please come anyway and bring the form," the press release states. "The registration form can be printed from

NO FORMS WILL BE MAILED. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text Parade Chairman Brenda Veltre at 740-398-9462 (cell).

ALL vehicles, floats and machinery must have a slow-moving vehicle sign.

"We hope many folks can make this year’s parade as outstanding a success as last year’s."

The Schedule of Events is listed below:

Friday, September 20

Security starts

Horticulture Show Registration until 8 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 21

7:30 a.m. Registration for Centerburg Lions Club 5K Run/Walk

8 a.m. Horticulture Show registration until noon (HS)

Tractor/ Machinery registration until noon (TA)

8:30 a.m. 27th Annual Centerburg Lions Club Heart of Ohio 5-K Run/Walk

10 a.m. Festival Parade through Centerburg to the Park

Kids' Pony Rides until 6:00 (TA)

Craft Show, Food Vendors, Historical Center, Horticulture Show & Old-fashioned Demos open

11 a.m. Flag Raising & Opening Ceremony with Centerburg HS Band (FS)

Parade awards presented (FS)

Quarters in the Sand (KC)

Pumpkin Vine Railroad kids' train rides until 6:00 (TA)

Noon Calliope concert (BF)

Games, sign-ups for contests begin (C&G)

Kid's Tug-of-War (C&G)

Horticulture Show registration ends

Face Painting until 5:00 (KC)

Rex Naylor, magician until 5:00 (KC)

Horse-drawn Hayrides until 5:00 (TA)

Tractor/Machinery Show registration ends

12:30 p.m. Euchre Tournament for adults 18 - up (C&G)

Watermelon Seed-spitting Contest (C&G)

1 p.m. Medical Helicopter Landing and Demonstration on hilltop

Spelling Bee for grades 1- 6 & 7- adult (C&G)

Country Strings Band (FS)

Horticulture Show judging begins (HS)

Mini Indy registration (RS/blacktop)

1:30 p.m. Sack Races for ages 6 - adult (C&G)

2 p.m. Cake Walk for all ages (C&G)

Mini Indy (RS/blacktop)

2:30 p.m. Ciphering Match grade 1 - adult (math) (C&G)

Tootsie Roll-in-the-Hay candy hunt (KC)

3 p.m. Cookie Contest registration (behind FS)

3:30 p.m. Women's Rolling Pin Throwing Contest (C&G)

4 p.m. Cookie Contest judging starts (behind FS)

Barefoot McCoy (FS)

5 p.m. Bale Toss (C&G)

5:30 p.m. Chicken Dance Contest (C&G/blacktop)

5:45 p.m. Cookie Contest results announced (FS area)

Old-fashioned Oratory Competition (speech) (C&G)

Cookie Auction (FS)

6 p.m. Old-fashioned Pie Auction (FS)

Contests & Games, Historical Center, Horticulture Show & Old-Fashioned Demos close

8 p.m. Oolong Gurus (FS)

10 p.m. Festival closes

Sunday, Sept. 22

9 a.m. Community Worship Service (FS)

9:45 a.m. Marina Myers classical & students’ piano (FS)

10 a.m. Pumpkin Vine Railroad kids' train rides until 3 p.m. (TA)

Kids' Pony Rides until 3 p.m. (TA)

Craft Show, Food Vendors, Historical Center & Old-fashioned Demos open

11 a.m. Spangler Sisters with the Country Travelers (FS)

Noon Family Tug-of-War (C&G)

Games, sign-ups for contests begin (C&G)

Face Painting until 5:00 (KC)

Rex Naylor, magician, until 5:00 (KC)

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull sign-ups (RS/blacktop)

Horse-drawn Hayrides until 5:00 (TA)

12:30 p.m. Bubble Gum Bubble-blowing Blowout (C&G)

Euchre Tournament for adults (18 - up) (C&G)

1 p.m. FFA Challenge, Centerburg & Highland (BF)

Three-legged Races for all ages (C&G)

Buckeye Country Cloggers (FS)

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pulls (RS/blacktop)

1:30 p.m. Men's Wrench Throwing Contest (C&G)

2 p.m. Cake Walk for all ages (C&G)

Mary Miller, vocals & acoustic guitar (FS)

2:30 p.m. Nail-driving Contest (C&G)

Tootsie Roll-in-the-Hay candy hunt (KC)

3 p.m. Tractors line up for Tractor Parade (TA) (all stages closed)

3:30 p.m. Cornhole Tournament begins (C&G)

Husband-calling Contest (C&G)

Parade of Tractors through the Park

4 p.m. Arm Wrestling Tournament (FS)

5 p.m. Festival Awards Ceremony (FS)

6 p.m. Festival closes

All Weekend at Contests & Games

Apple Peeling Contest, Guess the Beans in the Jar Contest, Jigsaw Puzzle Contest, Longest Beard Contest, Longest Pony Tail Contest,miscellaneous games available. (C&G)


BF = Ball Field

C&G = Contests & Games

CS = Craft Show

DA = Demo Area

FS = Festival Stage

HC = Historical Center

HS = Horticulture Show

HT = Hilltop

KC = Kids’ Corner

RS = Riverbend Stage

TA = Tractor Area

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