Rally in the Valley 2021

From left, Karen Salyer, Suzanne Ferencak, and Bernie Ferencak joined other volunteers on Saturday, April 24, 2021, to clean up trash on Wally and Brinkhaven roads. The Rally in the Valley 2021 netted about 500 pounds of trash.

GREER — On Saturday, April 24, volunteers and community groups gathered to collect trash alongside Wally and Brinkhaven roads. The final weigh-in was around 500 pounds of trash and eight tires.

The event was the idea of Maddox Rhees and his family who operate the Last of the Mohicans Campground located at 20383 Brinkhaven Road in Glenmont. Rhees collected 237 pounds of litter in Jefferson Township last year.

When asked about why he wanted to start this event he responded, “We just decided to do this because last year (during the Kokosing River Rally), I went down the river with Paddle for Heroes, and we got a bunch of trash. I realized you can get a lot more done with some help. It took me a few weeks to do a clean-up last year with the help of my family and then today, look how much trash we got! We got a whole trailer full because people came out to help.”

Throughout the event, the weather was in the mid-50s; the rain held off until after the event ended.

“As a group here at Last of the Mohicans, we love camping personally, and it’s amazing how much litter is left around these roads and Greer Landing," Rose Rhees, owner of the Last of the Mohicans Campground, said. "We were blessed by being able to purchase this campground and thought if we could give back to the community, everyone can enjoy it and it will be a trend to catch o.”

All volunteers were offered free camping for the weekend, a cook-out and entries into a raffle that gave away gift cards, apparel and even an overnight stay at Landoll’s Mohican Castle! Knox County Litter Prevention and Recycling provided safety vests, trash bags, gloves and other equipment.

Matt Baugher, program manager for Knox County Recycling and Litter Prevention, attended along with Andrew Champlin from Knox County Information Technology who helped out and took pictures for the event.

"Several members from Paddle for Heroes were also in attendance to continue their excellent community service initiative," said Baugher. "There are plans to continue the event on an annual or semi-annual basis."

The event was made possible by the Last of the Mohicans Campground, Wally Road Scenic Byway Association, Paddle for Heroes, Knox County Recycling and Litter Prevention, Knox County Commissioners, DKMM Solid Waste District, Stakes Shortstop, Hipps Farm, Amish Oak Furniture and Mattress Company, Iron Pony Saloon, HER Realtor-Loudonville and Property Management, Four Seasons Flowers and Gifts, Solar X Tinting, Tree Frog Canopy Tours, Mohican Wilderness, Mohican Reservation, Black River Tattoo, White Pine Salon, Red Rover Loudonville Marathon Gas, Zombie Choker Tow Ropes, Black Fork Bistro, Landoll’s Mohican Castle, River Zen General Store and Campground, Buzzard’s Family Shoe Store, and Grove City Brewery.

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