The 10 a.m. parade kicks off the Oldtime Farming Festival Sept. 21 and 22 in Centerburg.

CENTERBURG -- Centerburg’s Oldtime Farming Festival will celebrate 28 years of honoring the history of agriculture, the farmers that farm the land, and the heritage that surrounds central Ohio.

The members and volunteers of the Oldtime Farming Festival work throughout the year in preparation for the two-day event held the third weekend of September at the Centerburg Community Memorial Park.

History of the simple life years ago, the hard work and dedication of the farm family and early settlement of central Ohio, and the practices that were used in order to survive and make a living are some of the ways that the Oldtime Farming Festival demonstrates during the weekend.

The goal is to make an educational atmosphere for those people who attend the festival each year.

The weekend events get started with a parade down main street in Centerburg at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 21. This year the festival will be held on Saturday, Sept. 21, through Sunday, Sept. 22. A variety of demonstrations and events will be continuous throughout the weekend and some will happen as time and manpower permit.

A cast iron kettle used to prepare soup beans over an open fire will welcome you with the aroma throughout the park. We encourage all festival attendees to try a bowl.

The volunteers that bring their old machinery to demonstrate wheat threshing and shelling of corn enjoy showcasing their equipment and look forward to explaining how all of it works. Just ask questions and be curious. The modern machinery doesn’t operate with the manpower required to run the antique equipment.

Walk around the antique tractors and machinery and compare that equipment with the new, modern machinery that will be on display in the commercial area of the park. The new tractors are big, powerful and comfortable when compared to the machinery of yesteryear.

Horse-drawn wagon rides will run throughout the park; pony rides will be available for the kids. Games and contests for the kids and adults are happening at all times during the weekend festivities. Look for the big, long tent close to the River Bend area of the park.

The Collins family sets up their small farmer’s market each year near the walk-in entrance to the park. They provide a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for purchase along with mums and other fall decorative items such as pumpkins.

Rich and Rose Marie Grondalski have brought several alpacas each year to pet and observe during the weekend along with some samples of the fiber the animals produce for making socks, scarves and sweaters. It is soft and very warm for the winter months ahead.

Bill Tiffany will demonstrate making hand-forged iron items over a small coal-fired furnace. His mom, Jan Tiffany, will be pedaling away, making small wooden cutouts with her pedal-powered scroll saw. She will even let you give it a try in order to take a break herself.

Ed Moreland will patiently demonstrate the age-old practice of shaping and making tools, weapons and arrowheads from Ohio flint. Early settlers and the Native Americans utilized the area in and around Flint Ridge in Licking County for the endless supply of flint. Mr. Moreland still digs for his supply of flint at Flint Ridge.

This year will be the fifth FFA challenge between Highland FFA and Centerburg FFA. The competition is tied at 2 and 2. This will be a tie-breaking year, so come on Sunday, Sept. 22, at 1 p.m. and cheer your favorite FFA school as the students challenge each other with farm-related activities.

The members of C.O.R.K.S. (remote control airplanes) will share their display of working model airplanes which will include some hands-on demonstrations. This is a local group of individuals who are very passionate about their hobby.

Several new demonstrators will be on display throughout the weekend and are yet to be announced.

The Oldtime Farming Festival has been a part of Centerburg for 28 years. Enjoy a few hours during the third weekend in September in Centerburg and visit, observe and take an active part in the festivities and activities that help us celebrate the history of our agricultural heritage and early settler life in central Ohio.

For questions, contact Skip McWilliams at 740-625-6159.

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