Gentle Foot Care - Ohio Foot & Ankle Specialists - Mount Vernon
Gentle Foot Care Ohio is now part of the Ohio Foot & Ankle Specialists family of Ohio Podiatrists.

The best podiatric care is available at Gentle Foot Care, a proud member of Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists in Mount Vernon. Our expert podiatrists are accepting new patients from the surrounding areas including Fredericktown, Academia, Gambier, Bangs, Howard, Amity, Millersburg, and everywhere in between.

Our areas of expertise range from foot, toe, joint and ankle pain treatments, to minimally invasive podiatric surgeries, to premium care for those with diabetes, PAD, and other circulatory issues. With decades of experience in all aspects of foot care, we are excited to help you reduce pain, correct deformities, enhance the appearance of your feet, and improve your quality of life.

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