Knox County Junior Fair

A Knox County Junior Fair exhibitor holds her lamb steady during the market lamb competition on July 27, 2020.

MOUNT VERNON – While many portions of the 2020 Knox County Fair had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one aspect of the Junior Fair is still on: the market animal shows.

Youth exhibitors will be showing the following species this week on the fairgrounds: market beef and beef feeders; market lambs and market goats; market dairy and dairy feeders; broilers, turkeys and fryers; and market swine. The Sale of Champions will be Saturday at 9:30 a.m., followed by livestock sales at noon.

Consider this page your go-to source for the latest Junior Fair competition results. We will update it throughout the week with the latest news from each market animal show.

Sunday, July 26: Beef show

Beef feeder competition:

1. Gavin Burke, Mount Vernon

2. Charley Beheler, Fredericktown

3. Cheyenne Anders, Howard

4. Alyssa Dugan, Fredericktown

5. Trey Levering, Fredericktown


Market beef show:

1. Gavin Burke, Mount Vernon

2. Amanda Annett, Utica

3. Dawson Stayley, Fredericktown

4. Kellen Algire, Fredericktown

5. Gavin Galbraith, Fredericktown

6. Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding

7. Caleb McKee, Gambier

8. Cassidy Small, Fredericktown

9. Kayleen Small, Fredericktown

10. Grady Row, Mount Vernon

Burke, 18, won "grand champion" in both events. He has been competing in the beef show for five years, but this was his first year winning.

"That's been one of my big goals, ever since I've been showing..." Burke said afterwards. "That's been one of my major goals, is to be able to win this year."

Burke entered the market beef show in a crowded field, but his steer, a 1,348-pounder named Biscuit, quickly separated himself from the pack. The show judge picked Biscuit out soon after the final drive began, and he praised his figure.

"When it comes to that champion, that calf right there is finished to a T," the judge said. "He's one that, in comparison to what's gonna be reserve [champion] here in just a second, if it fits together like I think it's going to, he's just a little bigger out of that hip. He's a little bigger-quartered.

"That steer right there is just fed just right. He's 12 o'clock today. He's a little bigger-footed, a little bigger-boned, and can still get out there and motor."

Despite coming up short in previous years, Burke said he continued to learn about how to better prepare his steer for fair week. The losses only fueled his passion for the craft. Over time, Burke said, he developed an effective feeding pattern, which led him to victory Sunday.

Burke is heading into his senior year at Mount Vernon High School. He is also showing swine at this year's fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Knox County Junior Fair Beef Show

Knox County Junior Fair

A Knox County Junior Fair exhibitor guides her beef feeder around the show ring on Sunday, July 26, 2020.

Monday, July 27: Market lamb & goat shows

"Pen of 3" market lamb competition

1. Alenah Boeshart, Danville

2. Caleb McKee, Gambier

3. Lane Thompson, Centerburg

4. Aubrey Thompson, Centerburg


Market lamb show

1. Austin Anderson, Centerburg

2. Luke Raudebaugh, Danville

3. Julian Ball, Danville

4. Ethan Staley, Fredericktown

5. Ashton Anderson, Centerburg

6. Morgan Thompson, Centerburg

7. Aiden Anderson, Centerburg

8. Morgan Thompson, Centerburg*

9. Julian Ball, Danville*

10. Dawson Staley, Fredericktown

*second entry


Market goat show

1. Erich Rhodeback, Mount Vernon

2. Cassidy Small, Fredericktown

3. Erich Rhodeback, Mount Vernon*

4. Anna Rhodeback, Mount Vernon

5. Julian Ball, Danville

6. Cassidy Small, Fredericktown*

7. Lane Mussard

8. Aubrey Hess, Mount Vernon

9. Logan Small, Fredericktown

10. Clayton Walters, Fredericktown

*second entry

PHOTO GALLERY: Knox County Junior Fair Market Lamb & Goat Shows

Knox County Junior Fair

Clayton Walters, of Fredericktown, beams with joy after winning his class in the Knox County Junior Fair market goat show on July 27, 2020. Walters went on to finish 10th in the final drive.

Tuesday, July 28: Market dairy & dairy feeder shows

Market dairy steer competition:

1. Cade Morningstar, Howard

2. Brad Wilson, Danville

3. Brianna Small, Gambier

4. Broegan Staats, Danville

5. Amanda Annett, Utica

6. Alivia Elliott, Howard

7. Gregory Wilson, Danville

8. Brianna Small, Gambier*

9. Rachel Wilson, Danville

10. Rachel Wilson, Danville*

*second entry


Dairy market feeder competition:

1. Amanda Annett, Utica

2. Cade Morningstar, Howard

3. Logan Whitney, Danville

4. Brianna Small, Gambier

5. Sydney Wilson, Danville

6. Alex Annett, Utica

7. Hannah Vaughn, Fredericktown

8. Joshua Wittel, Loudonville

9. Nathan Whitney, Danville

10. Taylynn Morningstar, Howard

PHOTO GALLERY: Knox County Junior Fair Market Dairy & Dairy Feeder Shows

Knox County Junior Fair

A Knox County Junior Fair exhibitor guides her dairy feeder calf around the show ring during Tuesday's competition.

Wednesday, July 29: Broiler, fryer and turkey shows

Market rabbit show (fryers):

1. Caleb Ferenbaugh, Danville

2. Tatum Tyson, Mount Vernon

3. Allissya Dugan, Fredericktown

4. Ella Flynn, Fredericktown

5. Bryer Boeshart, Danville

6. Isabella Byler, Brinkhaven

7. Teagan Tyson, Mount Vernon

8. Hunter Myers, Centerburg

9. Logan Miller, Howard

10. Kerrigan Murray-Brooks, Fredericktown

PHOTO GALLERY: Knox County Junior Fair Market Rabbit Show

Knox County Junior Fair

An exhibitor shows her market rabbits at the Knox County Junior Fair on July 29, 2020.

Broiler competition:

1. Alexander Valente, Centerburg

2. Carter Wittel, Danville

3. Taylor Miller, Danville

4. Payton Miller, Danville

5. Acacia Hand, Marengo

6. McKenzie Holt, Glenmont

7. Zander Luckmeier, Fredericktown

8. Delaney Alvis, Danville

9. Kaylin Miller, Danville

10. James Thompson, Centerburg


Turkey show:

1. Elizabeth Aeppli, Danville

2. Rebecca Scholl, Centerburg

3. Hayden Bateson, Bellville

4. Noah Beckley, Frazeysburg

5. Cheyenne Anders, Frazeysburg

6. Troy Swank, Butler

7. Rachel Wilson, Danville

8. Case Armstrong, Mount Vernon

9. Hudson Henry, Mount Vernon

10. Trent Rook, Fredericktown

PHOTO GALLERY: Knox County Junior Fair Broiler and Turkey Shows

Knox County Junior Fair

An exhibitor holds his turkey steady at the 2020 Knox County Junior Fair.

Thursday, July 30: Market swine show

Grand champion overall: Dakota Chadwick, Mount Vernon (grand champion heavy weight)

Reserve grand champion overall: Gavin Burke, Mount Vernon (grand champion light heavy weight)

Other grand champions: Lindsey Dore, Galena (light weight); Brock Blankenhorn, Mount Vernon (middle weight)

Other reserve grand champions: Reese Todd, Bellville (heavy weight); Alenah Boeshart, Danville (light heavy weight); Curtis Divan, Frazeysburg (light weight); Kimber Linn, Gambier (middle weight)

PHOTO GALLERY: Knox County Junior Fair Market Swine Show

Knox County Junior Fair

An exhibitor guides his barrow around the show ring during the Knox County Junior Fair swine show on Thursday, July 30.

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