Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr

MOUNT VERNON – Opening its 14th season, the Chautauqua Series will have Ken Hammontree portraying the controversial third Vice President of the United States, Aaron Burr.

Burr is probably most remembered for the duel he had with Alexander Hamilton in which he killed Hamilton. But few remember that he was later put on trial for conspiracy to overthrow the United States and separate the western colonies so he could service as a rival President to the current United States.

All in all, Burr was a very interesting individual.

"Ken’s presentations are always lively, interesting, entertaining, informative and enjoyable," noted Mike Petee of the Chautauqua series.

This presentation will be held at the Grand Hotel (12 Public Square in downtown Mount Vernon) on Thursday, Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. Doors will open at 6 p.m. and held in the lower level of the hotel that is accessible to those with special needs such as wheel chairs, walkers and strollers.

They are family friendly and presented on a donation basis and all are welcome whether you can afford to donate or not. The programs are meant for community enrichment and a chance to meet old friends and to make new ones.

The Chautauqua Series is first-person living history, held on a monthly basis. It is organized and presented by Elixir Presents with the support from the Ariel Foundation, KPAC and the Grand Hotel. The series provides students, families and those who like history to learn more about real people living real lives. Each performer does extensive research to put together a fact based program that goes well beyond what you read in history books.

Entering its 14th season, the Chautauqua Series has been recognized by the Ohio Humanities Council as the only year round monthly Chautauqua Series in the United States. The Series was also recently nominated for an Ohio Governor’s Award.

For more information about this program and upcoming presentations, please visit www.elixirpresents.com or call 740-392-3018. To receive a “Gentle Reminder” email on the Sunday before each program, contact Mike Petee at elixir_petee@hotmail.com.

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