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Carly Compton gives the keynote address at the second annual EmpowHER event held March 3, 2023, at the Woodward Opera House. Hosted by New Directions Domestic Abuse Shelter and Rape Crisis Center and Women United, the event recognizes International Women's Day and emphasizes women's empowerment, leadership, and connection. Compton's message to the more than 200 women gathered was "there's no need to compare yourself to others."

 “Weight does not equate to health.” – Carly Compton, B.Ed, MSW

MOUNT VERNON — Two hundred-plus strong, the women arrived at the Woodward Opera House in a steady stream on Friday night for the second annual EmpowHER event.

Kathy Marhetka WNZR 2.jpeg

Beth Marhetka, center received the 2023 EmpowHER Award. Kathie Brown, left, and Melissa Nowicki, right, nominated her for the award.

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Lori Houck, left, nominated her sister, Lisa Wilson, for the Vision Builder Award.

Jennifer Grassbaugh.JPG

Rachel Springer, left, nominated Jennifer Grassbaugh for the Grit & Grace Award.

Tanya Strausbaugh.JPG

Tara Scarazza, left, nominated her sister, Tanya Strausbaugh, for the Heart Award.

Kathie Brown WNZR 2.jpeg

Kathie Brown, right, received the Raising the Bar Award. She was nominated by Elaine Robinson.

Girl Power Scholarships WNZR.jpeg

From left, Allic Ashcraft, Chloe George, Gwyneth Sands, and Laney Wenger each received a scholarship. Ashcraft and George received a $500 scholarship from New Directions. Sands and Wenger received a $2,500 scholarship from Women United.

Sophie Snively

Sophie Snively received a $500 scholarship from New Directions.

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