Huggins Pool Hall and Barber Shop

Huggins Pool Hall and Barber Shop: Thomas Huggins ran a combination pool hall and barbershop in Fredericktown for many years.

FREDERICKTOWN -- This business establishment is a bit of genius ranking up there with the bar in Mount Vernon that used to be known as "The Office."

Here, at Thomas R. Huggins' establishment in Fredericktown, a gentleman could head out of the house announcing that he was going to get a good, proper haircut … and then linger around to shoot some pool without ever leaving the barbershop.

According to the 1930 census, the establishment was on South Main Street in Fredericktown, and Huggins employed his son Lloyd as the clerk in the pool hall. Thomas Huggins passed away in 1936, and at some later point, the shop was sold to a man named Hillier, who ran it many more years.

Thomas Reuben Huggins was born in Morrow County in 1885 and married Nettie Linn in Knox County in 1906, where he had already been living since at least 1903.

Huggins' 1918 draft card identifies him as tall and stout, with gray eyes and brown hair, so perhaps he is the tall man on the right in the photograph.

Is the younger man on the left his son Lloyd Huggins? Or is that Huggins' other son, Russell Linn Huggins, who was better known as Tommy, and whom was also involved at the shop?

And, inquiring minds want to know, what is the dog's name?

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