Big Bear store in 1961

This is the Mount Vernon Big Bear store as it looked during its 1961 opening.

MOUNT VERNON -- The photo we ran a few weeks ago of the Big Bear store opening in Mount Vernon stirred some memories from readers.

“Wow, my favorite job,” said Mildred Trowbridge, who worked there from 1988 to 2002. “Sure miss a lot about the Bear.”

Several other readers mentioned missing the store, too. Some cited specifics.

“They had the best bakery!” said Janet L. Scott. Pat James-Hasser agreed, praising the donuts in particular.

The store brought a humorous memory to mind for Courtney Stachler.

“My grandpa was a Big Bear shopper and he used to have 'girlfriends' in there! LOL.”

“Oh, this really brings back memories,” Kay Sweet said. She also noted something about the cars in the parking lot: “That's when cars were distinctive and didn't all look alike!”

Sam Barone took a crack at trying to identify a car or two. “Thinking '60 or '61 Pontiac Tempest in the foreground. And maybe a black Buick Electra to the left?”

Sam also remembered manager Jim Delozier.

“By the way, Jim Delozier was a great guy, and a great manager,” Sam said. “He was taken from us way too soon.”

Mary Willette suggested that the photo may have been taken on the kind of film she picked up some time back at an auction in Fredericktown.

“I found this while going through my old film stash a couple of weeks ago.”

The 35-millimeter film packaging is stamped with the store number and a date of 1983.

Jerry and Pat Callam posted a picture of a notepad with the Big Bear logo on it, noting, “When they closed, I bought a few of these scribble pads; also have the paging mic from the Mount Vernon store.”

Many thanks to everyone for sharing their memories.

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