BPA Regional

These Knox County Career Center students attended the Business Professionals of America regional competition last month.

MOUNT VERNON -- On Tuesday, Jan. 28, the Knox County Career Center hosted the annual Regional Business Professionals of America Competition.

Over 150 students from area career and technical centers participated in various trade related events. There were 19 Knox County Career Center students who will advance to the state competition.

Students receiving awards at the regional level include:

• Fundamental Accounting - Nadia Smith 3rd, Ethan Dudgeon 5th.

• Banking & Finance - Alan Kramer 3rd, Johanna Adkins 4th, Felicity Murphy 5th.

• Financial Math & Analysis - Isabel Hooley 2nd, Dawson Copley 5th.

• Intermediate Word Processing - Hannah Vaughn* 1st.

• Medical Office Procedures - Hunter Myers* 2nd, Rachel Bryant 3rd, Bridget Mickley 4th, Lauren Hollar 5th.

• Administrative Support Team - Hunter Keller, Titus Krabill, Jack Stoats 2nd, Abigail Buckingham, Morgan McCauley 3rd.

• Business Law and Ethics - Charlie Cook* 1st, Taelyn King* 2nd, Wyatt Kirby 3rd.

• Admin Support Concepts - Hannah Vaughn 1st, Kelly Sapp 2nd, Vanessa Schubert 4th, Isabel Hoolsey 5th.

• Computer Network Technology - Jake Ach* 1st, Dawson Copley* 2nd, Johnny Byrd 3rd.

• PC Serving & Troubleshooting - Logan Simms 3rd, Tyler Adkins 4th, Kyle Tipton 5th, Jessiah Williams 6th.

• System Admin Using Cisco - Madison Baxter* 1st, Collan Reed*, Bryant Estrada-Ramirez 3rd.

• Computer Security - Langdon Johnson* 2nd, J.T. Perkins 3rd, Mason Mock 6th.

• Linux Operating System Fundamentals - Matthew Arnette* 1st.

• Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing - Caleb Oackes* 1st, Alaina Adkins 3rd, Ashtyn Andrews 4th, Jewel Wantland 5th.

• Computer Modeling - Chloe Sackrieter 2nd.

• Global Marketing Team - Aubrey Clippinger* & Macy Springer* 1st.

• Entrepreneurship - Hunter Myers 4th.

• Small Business Management Team - Titus Snow*, Samuel Phillips*, Jacke Ach* 1st, Hannah Chadwick, Payton Orr, Meredith Overholt 2nd, Kacie Pappas, Luci Quinn 3rd, Emma Stokes, Rachel Bryant, Bridget Mickley 4th, Hannah Doane, Felicity Murphy 6th.

• Interview Skills - Hallee Shaw 2nd, Mason Mock 3rd, Kylie Everhart 4th, Jonathan Allen 6th.

• Advanced Interview Skills - Cierra Nuttal 3rd, Langdon Johnson 4th.

• Extemporaneous Speech - Colton Riel 3rd, Adam Kinnear 5th, J.T. Perkins 6th.

• HR Management - Isabel Hooley 2nd, Kelly Sapp 3rd.

• Prepared Speech - Charlie Cook 2nd, Kobe Metcalfe 4th.

• Presentation Management Team - Hannah Vaughn*, Lauren Hollar*, Taelyn King* 1st, Alan Kramer, Justin Alloway, Jeremy Cleland, Jessiah Williams 4th.

• Business Meeting Mgt - Isabel Hooley 1st.

Business Professionals of America Instructors Tammy Klein, Keyara Murphy, Dave Rashley and Nate Greene stated that the students had been preparing for months and they were excellent representatives of the Knox County Community.

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