Fredericktown FFA Star Award

Pictured here are the Fredericktown Star Award members (from left): Kaid Benson (Outstanding Senior); Macy Thorne (Ebersole Award); Emily Rook (Outstanding Junior); Natasha Tucker (Star Chapter); Kelsey Scott (Star Greenhand), and Kaleb Randall (Star Greenhand).

FREDERICKTOWN -- The Fredericktown FFA chapter recently recognized its members and others who have helped influence the chapter during its annual awards banquet.

This year 14 people received their Greenhand Degree: Violet Benson, Jessica Cummings, Grant Hartley, Jason Hyatt, Cameron Koelbl, Clint Parker, Kaleb Randall, Isaac Rhoades, Kacie Rook, Emma Scott, Kelsey Scott, Lilyana Springston, Morgan Wantland, and Chloe Wells.

The Greenhand FFA degree is given to those who completed their first year as an FFA member, and have completed the necessary requirements which include plans for their SAE project, learning the FFA history, and demonstrating the appropriate leadership skills.

The Star Greenhand Award is given to the one or more first-year members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, outstanding scholastic achievement, and other qualities of a top chapter member.

The members who received this year's Star Greenhand Awards were Kaleb Randall and Kelsey Scott.

The Chapter FFA Degree is earned by participating in the second or third year of FFA and agricultural classes. These recipients must demonstrate the necessary skills and meet all of the requirements. Those members were Natasha Tucker, Jacob Van Slyke, and Ashlee Williams.

The Star Chapter Farmer Award is given to the FFA member who showed true qualities of leadership and was the most outstanding overall Chapter Degree recipient. The member receiving the Star Chapter Award this year was Natasha Tucker.

Awards were given to members for their leadership in chapter. These members from each class are given the leadership award for setting a good example for other members and demonstrating exceptional leadership skills in the agricultural class and any FFA activities.

This year’s winners were Chloe Wells (Freshman), Jessica Cummings (Freshman), Ashlee Williams (Sophomore), Katie Mull (Junior), Andrea Smith (Junior), and Kaid Benson (Senior).

Some members also received an award for maintaining their grade point average in all of their classes. The scholarship award is given to the person with the highest GPA in each class. The members receiving this special award from the freshman class are Jessica Cummings, Kaleb Randall, and Kelsey Scott. Jacob Van Slyke earned this award for the sophomore class.

The junior class had two members tied with a 4.0 GPA; Katie Mull and Makayla Scott. And in the senior class, both Rachel Matthews and Macy Thorne were given the scholarship award.

Juniors and Seniors are eligible to receive some very special awards given by the FFA. The Fredericktown FFAAlumni Scholarship award was proudly presented to Macy Thorne. The Outstanding Junior/Nelson Beam award was given to Emily Rook for her striking leadership.

Macy Thorne also received the Ebersole Award. And finally, the Outstanding Senior Award recipient was Kaid Benson.

The chapter also recognized Gene Benson as the Honorary Chapter Degree recipient of the year. He was given this award for his dedication and service to the chapter.

The chapter would also like to thank Alena Bender for singing the national anthem at the banquet. Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden.

Fredericktown FFA members receive their State FFA Degrees

Fredericktrown FFA members

Pictured here are Fredericktown FFA members Emily Rook (L) and Macy Thorne. who received their state FFA degrees. Falon Smith is not pictured.

Three Fredericktown FFA members were recognized at this year's virtual Ohio State FFA Convention.

The members who received their State FFA Degree were Emily Rook, Falon Smith, and Macy Thorne. In order to receive your State FFA Degree you must complete the following:

already received your greenhand and chapter degrees; be a junior, senior, or high school graduate; assisted with the development of the chapter’s program of activities; maintained outstanding SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) financial records; have a net earnings that exceeds $2,500; invested at least $2,000; completed a minimum of 35 hours of home improvement; participated in at least two different state sanctioned Career Development Events; demonstrated 10 abilities of parliamentary procedure; been a chapter officer or committee chairperson; participated in 8 approved activities above the chapter level; participated in at least one school and community service activity; completed at least 25 hours of community service in at least two different activities; and maintained a GPA greater than 2.00 with an attendance rate of at least 93%.

To get their State Degrees, Emily Rook’s SAE projects were breeding rabbits, market rabbits that she showed at the Knox County Fair, as well as a job placement at Yellowbird. Emily is the daughter of Aaron and Terri Rook of Fredericktown.

Falon Smith’s SAE projects were raising and selling beef feeders and market steers at the Knox County Fair, as well as a job placement on Fletcher Chicken Farm. Falon is the daughter of Russell and Kea Smith.

Macy Thorne’s SAE projects included market lambs, market goats, and breeding goats that she raised and showed at the Knox County Fair and she also worked as a job placement on her parents goat farm. Macy is the daughter of JR and Jamie Thorne of Fredericktown.

Fredericktown FFA Advisor is Debra Burden. Congratulations to these three ladies on such an accomplishment.

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