Knox County Career Center luncheon

J. R. Rice (foreground), is joined by (to the right) Gabriel Harmon, Eugene Fitzpatrick, David Greenich, Kinsley Markum, Zechariah Sprayberry, and Cody Kopina at the Knox County Career Center luncheon on Sept. 27.

MOUNT VERNON -- Knox County Career Center junior and senior students had the opportunity to meet and greet with more than 15 vendors and employers from the industry on Sept. 27.

Lunch was sponsored by Brennstuhl Construction Inc. and eaten in a casual setting, with tables and chairs or room to stand so that people could eat lunch, mill around, and talk to each other.

What did the employers learn about these students?

Chad Daniels, from ProTech Basement Solutions, said, “We get to see what the up and coming workforce is like and what the kids are interested in so that when they come to us with learned skills, we can build on from there.”

Colby Clippinger, KCCC Building Trades instructor attends this meet-and-greet once a year.

“The juniors use this time as an ice-breaker so that they can feel comfortable talking to contractors and thinking about a career.”

Senior Travis Rudrick said his classmates use this year to focus more on their chosen career paths.

“It’s a good chance to see what’s out there," Rudrick said. "What programs, pay scale, options and career paths the different companies have to offer.”

If you are a vendor or employer and are interested in being part of this event for next year contact Colby Clippinger at 740-397-5820.

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