Details for Firefighter Paramedic

Position Purpose

-The Firefighter position engages in public safety by responding to community emergencies for the protection of life and property through firefighting and emergency medical activities, often performed under conditions which require strenuous physical exertion. Considerable time is spent in the special and routine maintenance of equipment and apparatus and in the routine care of buildings and grounds. Work is performed under close supervision of an Officer. Significant work hazards related to personal injury and stress exist with this work.

Essential Functions

1. Emergency Response

- Responds to emergency calls to provide fire suppression, rescue, and emergency medical assistance to the public.

- Uses appropriate firefighting equipment and techniques to extinguish fires in buildings, terrain, automobiles or other situations which may involve oil, chemicals, electrical or other flammable or combustible materials or origin.

- Follows Incident Command Systems and orders of Officers.

- Rescues occupants of buildings.

- Ventilates burning buildings by opening windows and skylights or cutting hose in roof and floors.

- Drives engine, ladder trucks; operates pumps, aerial ladders, and other auxiliary fire apparatus.

- Responds to incidents involving hazardous materials.

- Wears self-contained breathing apparatus and uses specialized tools and equipment to save lives.

- Protects property, suppresses fires, and administers first aid to sick and injured.

- Performs clean up of fire scene; salvages property, removes debris and cleans or restocks equipment and materials.

- Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for medical aid and transports patients to hospitals or other medical facility.

- Provides or assists in the emergency treatment and care of ill or injured patients.

- Completes required reports for incidents and injuries.

- Participates in fire drills and department training programs to learn or upgrade skills in firefighting and emergency medical methods, equipment or services.

- Participates in training less experienced personnel.

2. Maintenance

- Performs general maintenance on fire apparatus, equipment, and facilities.

- Inspects and performs general maintenance and minor repairs to department facilities, apparatus and equipment.

- Cleans and maintains station work, sleeping and eating areas.

- Provides routine cleaning of vehicles and equipment.

- Maintains building exterior and grounds.

- Tests or troubleshoots problems with facility, equipment, apparatus and fire protection system such as radios and paging equipment, recorders and alarm circuits.

3. Other

- Demonstrates sound professional work ethics in alignment with the Township’s core values.

- Participates in public education and public relation event.

- Participates in performing fire inspections of public and private buildings for pre-fire planning or to determine if they comply with fire codes.

- Performs other assigned duties.

Minimum Qualifications/Requirements


High School diploma, GED or equivalent.

Associate degree in Fire Science, EMS or related area preferred;

Bachelor’s Degree in related area plus.


This is an entry-level position.

Professional Licensing Requirements

  • Valid State of Ohio driver's license with good driving record.
  • State of Ohio as a Firefighter Level II (240-hour card);
  • State of Ohio EMT-B certification required (Paramedic certification required within two (2) years of full-time appointment.
  • ACLS certification.
  • ITLS certification.
  • NIMS 100 and 700 certifications.


This position may be required to supervise other Firefighter/EMTs after acquiring the required knowledge, skills, abilities, and seniority. This position may be called upon to perform duties of In-Charge Officer or medic. At such time, directs activities of firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Supervisory guidance is provided by the Township’s Fire and EMS Policies, Procedures and Protocols, Directives, Standard Operating Guidelines, Pay and Compensation Statement, the Employee Handbook, the Administrative Orders of the Township’s Board of Trustees, or other applicable regulations federal and state law. Work is evaluated annually by a Lieutenant utilizing the Township’s performance evaluation system.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs)

1. Knowledge

- Knowledge of fire hazards and related prevention and abatement methods.

- Knowledge of current EMS patient care practices and techniques.

- Knowledge of fire fighting techniques, incident command system, and fire suppression equipment.

- Knowledge of the principles of fire behavior.

- Knowledge of safe work practices and procedures.

- Knowledge of administrative guides and established policies.

- Knowledge of Standards Operating Guidelines, Protocols, Directives, Policies and Procedures and Fire Ground Procedures.

- Knowledge of streets and roads within the first response district.

- Knowledge of EMS Protocols.

- Knowledge of personal computers and related fire service software applications (i.e., Firehouse software, Microsoft packages);

- Knowledge of driver safety.

2. Skills

- Skilled at interpersonal and human relations.

- Skilled at written and verbal communication.

- Skilled analytical and problem solver.

3. Abilities

- Ability to extinguish and control fire within accepted guidelines of the department.

- Ability to perform strenuous or peak physical activities during emergency, training or station maintenance activities for prolonged periods of time under conditions of extreme heights, intense heat, cold or smoke.

- Ability to maintain an acceptable knowledge level by participating in hands-on training and by studying department procedure manuals, state courses/manuals, nationally recognized fire service books, EMS protocols, emergency medical textbooks, and other material as approved by the Fire Chief.

- Ability to, at the scene of an emergency, receive instructions and accomplish duties in accordance with established standard operating guidelines and nationally, recognized good practices.

- Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.

- Ability to read and write the English language.

- Ability to meet knowledge, health, and physical qualifications established by the Township.

- Ability to achieve and maintain an adequate level of physical fitness to perform the essential functions of the job.

- Ability to operate and use basic software such as Word, Outlook, Excel, and Power Point.

- Physical ability to perform the essential job functions.

Working Conditions

  • Work is performed in the fire station while sitting, standing or walking and at emergency sites in varying and extreme weather conditions.
  • When responding to emergencies, employees’ risk physical hazard from fire, smoke, chemicals, airborne particles, toxic or caustic chemicals and other hazardous materials, falling debris, unstable buildings and extreme heat;
  •  Physical exertion is required to climb ladders, pull hoses, move heavy objects, and crawl through tight spaces.
  •  Administrative duties are primarily performed in an office environment that is normally temperature controlled with appropriate lighting.
  •  Employee may be exposed to some standard office environment hazardous materials detailed in the applicable material safety data sheets and to normal office-level room noise.
  •  Some travel to meetings, conferences and training is required.

Physical Requirements

  •  Must satisfactorily complete pre-employment and annual physical examinations by a licensed healthcare provider.
  •  Must satisfactorily complete the Township’s annual physical agility test if hired after June 1, 2011.
  •  Physical exertion is required to climb ladders, pull hoses, move heavy objects, and crawl through tight spaces; Physical effort is required to lift materials, equipment, and persons exceeding 50 lbs.;
  •  May be required to work at heights in excess of 100 feet.
  •  The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate, except during certain firefighting or EMT activities.

Additional Information

  •  This position is a safety sensitive position and is required to satisfactorily pass random drug screens.
  •  The position typically is scheduled for 24-hour consecutive on duty and 48-hour consecutive off duty shifts with periodic overtime.

Interested candidates should contact Chief McCann at 740-625-5646 or

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