Humane Society kitten

A kitten available for adoption at the Knox County Humane Society.

The Knox County Humane Society, 400 Columbus Road, is expanding to better accommodate the needs of animals, employees and customers.

Kelly Spencer, the Director of Operations at the Knox County Humane Society, explained why these renovations are so desperately needed. 

“Right now, our lobby can fit maybe five people,” she said. “That’s an issue because on Tuesdays, we have a wellness clinic where people can bring their animals for a wellness check with our veterinarian. The clinic is first come, first served, so if more than five people come in, they have to wait with their animals in their cars.”

On Tuesday, Sept. 12, the Knox County Commissioners granted the Humane Society the property on the other side of the building that was once a dog pound. The Humane Society has plans to add onto that building, creating a larger lobby, more office space, and more space for the animals.

Though the space has been granted to the Humane Society, they will need funding to help put all of this into place.

“We’re going to need funds to help us achieve everything we need,” said Spencer. “Any help that we can get from the public to help make the building more efficient would be greatly appreciated.”

Spencer went on to say how, if everyone gave even an incredibly small amount, the shelter could better serve the community right away.

“We’ve got about 60,000 people in Knox County. If everybody chipped in a dollar a year, that’s $60,000 a year that could help the shelter.”

The shelter doesn’t just need money. It also needs volunteers.

Martha Otto, the Chairperson of the Board for the Knox County Humane Society, spoke about the need for both funds as well as assistance.

“We need financial and personnel help in terms of dollars and volunteers. We are dependent upon donations because we do not get money from the county or from federal sources, and grants aren’t coming in as frequently as they used to.”

The shelter is currently providing the Knox community resources such as the Wellness Clinic and spaying and neutering strays. But these services themselves are costly as well.

“We’re trying to increase services to the community,” said Spencer, “like the vet and Wellness Clinic. The community seems to especially love the Wellness Clinic for their animals and the veterinarian we have here. But we need to be able to keep the vet!”

On top of all of this, the Knox County Humane Society is always full. 

“We don’t euthanize for space, so we have a waiting list for animals,” explained Spencer. “When animals are adopted out, we take the first animals on that waiting list into the shelter.”

This means the shelter is always at capacity. There are always about 50 cats with a long waiting list behind them. 

To encourage adoption, the shelter has very low adoption fees.

“We have awesome prices for adoption," said Spencer. "All of our animals are all fixed, microchipped and they have received all of their age-appropriate vaccines.”

Adopting a cat ages six months and older is only $25, and adopting a kitten under six months is $50.

Adoption fees cover a wide variety of tests, microchipping, vaccines, spaying/neutering, a flea treatment and deworming.

To see current adoptables, read more about the shelter, or donate to the cause, click here.

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