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Source Brand Solutions has a team of expert marketers ready to create advertising that keeps their clients in the forefront of consumers' minds.

New business applications have surged in the U.S. over the last decade, resulting in fierce competition in the business world. Without marketing expertise, it has become nearly impossible to stand out in the crowd.

Source Brand Solutions gives the much-needed edge in a competitive market with results-driven advertising campaigns, placing their clients in the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Pam Georgiana, vice president of engagement at Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio, learned a competitor was opening a new assisted living facility in Ashland. She knew it was urgent to remind locals of Lutheran Village’s long-standing reputation as a leader in senior living in Ashland.

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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the senior living community especially hard. Source Brand Solutions helped Lutheran Village showcase their values despite the challenging times.

Staff members in Ashland advised Georgiana to reach out to Source Brand Solutions to develop a proactive marketing strategy.

“The staff at Lutheran Village and The Good Shepherd kept saying, 'People are going to the Richland Source and the Ashland Source for their news. They're not getting it from the Times-Gazette any longer, so we should really look into that,’” Georgiana said.

In her first meeting with Source Brand Solutions, Georgiana was assured she had brought her concerns to the right place.

The Source Brand Solutions team took the reins and developed a content marketing campaign to drive the narrative of Lutheran Village of Ashland as a leader in Ashland’s senior living community.

We were thrilled to be able to work with Lutheran Village on a digital strategy. The team made the choice to start working with us during a pandemic when their organization was especially hit hard, and we appreciate their trust and confidence in us,” said Sales Director Angie Cirone.

As always, Source Brand Solutions prioritized meeting the client’s specific and unique needs and highlighting their company’s values.

For Lutheran Village–a faith-based, homey, non-institutional senior living facility–this meant prioritizing messaging that showcased integrity and care for residents and their families. It also meant extending the overall length of the campaign, since senior living care is not a decision that can be made overnight.

“I was personally inspired by their work beyond the client/business relationship as my grandmother went through a similar assisted living experience,” Account Executive Leah Gesouras said. “I was determined and inspired to integrate their passion and dedication and showcase it in the services we provided for them.”

I believe we succeeded in that goal, especially through the means of the story minute video and sponsored content articles highlighting their client/family success stories.”

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Lutheran Village of Ashland prioritizes integrity and care for their residents, and Source Brand Solutions ensured these principles shone through in every piece of messaging produced for this client.

Source Brand Solutions worked closely with Lutheran Village over the following months to provide a wide variety of results-driven marketing deliverables. Each marketing piece consistently emphasized the client’s integrity and care for residents and their families.

With two sponsored content articles placed in the Ashland Source, Facebook advertising, a lead generating PDF with helpful information for potential assisted living residents, an email sequence and ongoing digital display ads, Lutheran Village’s long-standing reputation was successfully reinstated in the face of new competition.

Georgiana is thrilled with the results and reach of their marketing campaign, including reaching more than half of all Facebook users in the target geographic area within the first month of publishing the first sponsored content article.

By spacing the second article out a few months later, readers were reminded again of Lutheran Village’s integrity and a broader audience was reached. Months later, the articles continue to do well with clicks and page views.

“Our experience working with Source Brand Solutions was very positive. I was really happy that Leah was really, really supportive and patient with us and talked us through each step. It's something that we will definitely do more of in the future, not only for Lutheran Village but also for some of our other senior living facilities," Georgiana said.

“We'll work with Source Brand Solutions again, for sure.”

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