Peter Haring

Peter Haring stands in Haring Realty's award winning Downtown Welcome Center. The facility can be viewed in the upcoming digital launch of the Haring Home Show. 

Available to stream online at, the new monthly show will explore three homes per episode, diving into the history and unique features of each, as it tells the story of Richland County. 

“The Haring Home Show will allow us to be more effective ambassadors for the community and get the word out about Richland County in a much larger way,” Haring Realty President and Broker Peter Haring said. “The more people we can reach, the more people that we bring digitally to Richland County. It’s better for our clients, it’s better for the community and it’s good for the housing market. We think we have something really special here in North Central Ohio, and this is a new way to get it out,” Haring said. 

Rather than advertising specific homes on the market, the Haring Home Show will take a different approach in this real estate venture. Though the featured homes will typically be for sale, the show will explore homes that Haring feels represent a great value to someone coming into the area, or that have especially unique or interesting characteristics. The show aims to promote homes in Richland and surrounding counties that will help draw new residents to the area. 

“We’re not really promoting each specific property, but are attempting to evangelize our area and tell our great story,” said Haring. 

Mansfield has a long history of being one of the most affordable housing markets in America, and Haring has observed a trend of more households choosing to relocate to North Central Ohio rather than Columbus or other urban areas over the last few years. The Haring Realty team is intentional in trying to provide a “WOW” experience for people investigating the area, and the Haring Home Show will be a great, new way to do just that. 

The Haring name goes back four generations in Mansfield, and has always been interlaced with local business. Haring Realty was founded by Peter’s father Arnold in 1983 and officially passed into Peter’s hands in 2005. 

"I loved real estate from the beginning, no question about it. Real estate can be both rewarding and interesting. You're able to help clients with major purchase and it's always interesting because each property is unique. You have the opportunity to help families make milestone life decisions. It’s really great to be able to serve people with one of their biggest investments," Haring said.  

With such a rich history, Haring Realty has maintained many of its founding principles through the years. The importance of community has always been a core value of the company, both the community it is a part of and the function of their team in the office. Advertising and quality presentation have also remained important to the Haring family over time, which is part of the reason Haring Realty is pursuing such an innovative form of marketing for the company, better reaching potential clients via a preferred media platform. 

Over time, Haring sites technology as the primary thing that has changed in the company, allowing them to serve their clients far better than in the past. Especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to take electronic signatures and offer 3-D walkthrough tours are just two examples of how Haring Realty has been able to continue to meet their clients needs when gathering in person has not been ideal.

“What we did last year is not what we are doing today, and what we’re going to do a year from now is going to be very different than what we do today,” Haring said. “The new Haring Home Show really demonstrates how the company values innovation. It’s a new way to more effectively provide value to our clients and our sales team,” Haring said. 

The show has garnered such excitement that My Floors, Park National Bank and Donley Automotive Group have partnered with Haring Realty in becoming sponsors.  

The new Haring Home Show was developed and produced by New Day Creative, a local advertising and creative firm.

“We grew up watching the Haring Home Show,” Josh Lawhorn, the CEO of New Day Creative, said. “It was so innovative when it was launched in 1990. It was a staple of our community just like the Haring Brand. We have worked hard to make sure this show represents Haring Realty and North Central Ohio the way both deserve,” Lawhorn said.   

The Haring Home Show will debut August 27th and can be viewed at, as well as Haring’s facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. 

Viewers will be led through each episode by host Brooke Miller, and explore each home with the help of the home’s listing realtor. The Haring Realty realtors will dive into the details, unique qualities, and history of each home, giving viewers a unique experience that could not have been found on a real estate listing website. 

For more information, visit

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