MANSFIELD -- About the time Victoria Norris-Diez announced she would be a Democratic mayoral candidate in Mansfield, she got a call from the Fox News Channel about featuring her e-commerce product on TV.

Rather than worry about her NytStnd product appearing on the conservative show "Fox & Friends," Norris-Diez decided it made perfect sense.

It made even more sense Monday morning after her multi-device charging dock for Apple products was featured on the "Mega Morning Deals!" portion of the morning news show. It was one of five products featured.

"It literally came up the exact week (in December) I was going to announce (the mayoral run)," Norris-Diez said. "I thought. 'What better way of showing the importance of everyone working together?' The timing could not have been better.

"(Fox) knew we had the No. 1 charging station on Etsy and wanted to know the types of models and colors we had and links to learn more about them. We thought it was a great opportunity to get our product on the national map," Norris-Diez said.

NytStnd, featured in the 2018 Spring edition of Better Homes & Gardens, operates from Braintree in downtown Mansfield. It launched in 2016 and is sold exclusively online.

A graduate of Galion High School and The Ohio State University, Norris-Diez was recruited as an undergrad to work for a top-tier marketing agency. She began her career in brand marketing in Los Angeles before returning to Mansfield.

Norris-Diez said her company now has four full-time employees and ramps up to around 12 during the holiday season.

"We didn't pay for this (promotion). This was not pay-for-play," Norris-Diez said. "(Fox) was looking for products they think their customers would be interested in."

With more than a month to prepare for the promotion, Norris-Diez said she was able to increase inventory to prepare for the increased interest -- and sales -- the appearance on Fox would bring.

"Our product and our branding really resonates with customers," Norris-Diez said.

Norris-Diez is taking on Mansfield City Councilman At-Large Don Bryant in the May primary. The winner will face incumbent Republican Mayor Tim Theaker in November. Theaker is unopposed in the GOP primary.

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