AMG spray bottle

AMG Industries' metal spray bottle holder eliminates constant searching, keeping the disinfectant within easy reach and the workplace orderly

MOUNT VERNON — As Knox County begins to reopen its economy after the COVID-19 shutdown, sanitizing surfaces remains a pillar for safe workplace hygiene. One local company makes it easy to keep the disinfectant right where you need it.

As part of the Ohio Emergency PPE Maker's Exchange, AMG Industries created a galvanized metal spray bottle holder to hold the disinfectant so that it's within easy reach. The exchange features manufacturers who retool and repurpose to create PPE (personal protective equipment) to combat COVID-19.

“One of the things we wanted to do is make it accessible and easy to find,” explained Doug Spangler, AMG president, of the disinfectant. “As we were putting the biocide in the work area, we discovered that you never knew where to look for it.”

His team members went online to research options and found a model similar to what they wanted.

“We thought, 'heck, we can make them,'” said Spangler. “We have 38 that we've made for ourselves. Every welder station and all of the main employee stations have them. They are easily displayed and easy for people to use.

“Our design was more for our own benefit. We just put it out for the workplace to see,” he added.

As far as reopening, Spangler said that AMG is in the middle when it comes to essential or nonessential business.

“We're in the middle because we continue to service the oil and gas industry, and the heavy truck line is still doing well,” he said. “The automotive side is down. Eighty percent of our people are on layoff.

“We're able to keep some of our employees working, but the bulk of our employees will stay out until automotive decides to start up, which they say is mid-May at best,” he continued. “Even then, there is a fear whether automotive will stay up.”

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