Craft beer brewery

People who want to start brewing their own beer should review the best equipment to start a craft brewery. This article is an excellent first step.

Is it your dream to start an original craft brewery? It definitely is appealing. Brewing beer is an art form, and it can become very addicting.

You’ll need quite a bit of equipment before you can start brewing batches of beer. That's not to discourage you, though. Instead, we're here to clue you in on all the essentials you'll need to get the job done.

With this information, you'll hit the ground running with your new business. If you want to discover what you'll need to brew your first beer, you're in the right place.

Stay tuned to learn about the best equipment to start a craft brewery.

A malt mill

You can't brew beer if you don't mill your grains. A malt mill will crush your barley, wheat, rice, and other grains into a fine powder. That will aid in the mashing process and allow more sugars to come out during fermentation.

A mash tun

Next, you'll need a container for the mashing process. These containers are called mash tuns. They are insulated tubs where you mix the starches with water and heat it. They will transform the starch into sugars.

Look for a mash tun with a false bottom. That way, you can separate the sugars from the malt husks.

Plate and candle filters

You use filters to remove yeast and other debris from the beer. Yeast isn't harmful to consume, but its presence will affect the taste of your beer. Removing it will provide a crisp, delicious flavor.

A heat exchanger

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You'll need a heat exchanger to control the temperature of the wort. That's essential for avoiding contamination and preserving flavor.

A fermenter

Unless you want to make non-alcoholic beer, you'll need to ferment the brew. A beer fermenter is the proper container for this process. Fermenters are among the best equipment to start a craft brewery.

A hydrometer

To brew a delicious beer, you'll need to keep a close eye on your sugar and alcohol levels. A hydrometer is a measuring tool that monitors just that.

A quality brite tank

After your beer completes the fermentation process, you'll need to store it. That way, it can further mature and achieve carbonation. A brite tank is a perfect container for beer. It's important to know the distinction between a brite tank and a unitank as well.

Pumps and kegs

The last two things you'll need are pumps and kegs. Pumps safely transport beer from one container to another. A keg is a barrel that offers draft beer.

Closing thoughts: The best equipment to start a craft brewery

By now, you should understand what you'll need to start a brewery. As long as you do things right and have a lot of passion, you'll have a good chance of succeeding with your new business. Also, don't forget to reward yourself with one of your flagship beers!

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