Conway's Pharmacy

From left, Jennie McClain, DNP, and Stephanie Fields, CMA, at the Knox County Community Health Center, Vern Hetsler, CPhT and Mike Shaheen, Pharmacist at Conway's Pharmacy, Kevin & Denise Conway, Owners of Conway's Pharmacy.

DANVILLE -- Years of hard work, inspired by a vision to provide personal, quality and affordable health care to the people of Knox County, culminated in the recent grand opening of Conway's Danville Pharmacy and the Knox County Community Health Center in Danville.

The new 5,700 square feet facility, which holds the pharmacy and medical office, is located at 14 & 16 E. Main St., Danville. The official openings will be celebrated with the community on Nov. 13 at 12:15 p.m.

“Kevin and I are humbled by the reality of bringing our exceptional health care to the Danville community. Danville has that small-town feel, and the residents, together with the surrounding townships value the kind of personalized service you just cannot get at a larger, cookie-cutter chain store," said Kevin and Denise Conway, owners of Conway's Pharmacy. "Our extraordinary healthcare ethics are inspired by our sense of family, friendship, and investment in the well-being of the community.

"This historic day is a gain for all of us — we are surrounded by incredible local partners, hardworking staff, excellent healthcare providers, and families who invest their trust in our services. We share this overwhelming achievement with you.”

The Knox County Chamber of Commerce recently honored Conway’s Pharmacy with the “2018 Small Business of the Year” award at the annual gala.


Conway’s Eastside and Danville HealthMart Pharmacy, is an independent and locally owned and operated pharmacy, has opted to join the HealthMart network of independent pharmacies many years ago.

“As a part of Health Mart, we remain a locally-owned and independent community pharmacy. We will work hard to level the playing field with the national chains and provide savings to our customers. This opening will only be the beginning," Denise said.. "We will serve to improve the wellbeing of this community for many, many years to come.

"We would like patients to understand that they have options and that local pharmacies often care more about their local communities, are heavily invested in their communities and are indeed cheaper on most brand and generic medications” 

The pharmacy, together with the Knox County Community Health Center, is strategically located, right in the heart of Danville. But also importantly, six surrounding zip codes of Danville, are all included in the service area. Now patients can shorten their commutes for medications and medical care, and see their pharmacists and medical providers more frequently if needed. Transportation can even be provided for them, courtesy of the Health Center. 

“The opportunity to expand the reach and benefits of our Center and opening a location in Danville has been an exciting one. However, we recognize the importance of patients being able to easily obtain their prescriptions in order for our medical services to be successful,” said Lane Belangia, CEO of the Health Center. “The partnership we have with Conway’s Danville Pharmacy will provide this crucial next step to enhance access to care and affordable medications.”

The Health Department opened its Danville Center location in February, offering limited medical services only one day a week.

“Due to the growing demand for our medical services, we knew our hours had to expand,” said Belangia.

As of early September, the Center has officially opened its doors five days a week. 

The community is invited to join in the grand opening celebration, which will kick off at 12:15 p.m. with a ribbon-cutting facilitated by The Knox County Chamber of Commerce, and in the presence of distinguished State, District, County Officials, Board of Health and Education Officials, local stakeholders, business executives, and the media.

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