The West's (1)

For five years, the West’s have been loyal customers of Conway’s Pharmacy in Mount Vernon due to their exceptional services.

Until about a month ago, Bob West and his wife, Mary, were spending 45 minutes of their morning once a week sitting down at the kitchen table and organizing medications. They used a dispenser and went through a long list of Mary’s medications that she needed to take. Additionally,  they had multiple alarms set to make sure they got the timing right. 

Mary has Metastatic (stage 4) HER2-positive breast cancer that’s metastasized to her bones and brain. It could be easy for her to miss her medications without a simple process in place. Their long, tedious process became overwhelming, and the two knew they needed a change. 

The West's (2)

Mary West lives with metastatic (stage 4) HER2-positive breast cancer. She's currently taking several medications, and using compliance packaging helps her keep track. 

For five years, the West’s have been loyal customers of Conway’s Pharmacy in Mount Vernon due to their exceptional services. When they heard about the pharmacy’s custom compliance packaging program, MyMeds+, they were eager to sign up for it. 

“My wife has a group of medications that she has to take as a cancer patient, and some interact with others. You have to shift them around and take them at different times of the day, and [Conway’s Pharmacy] has always been right upfront and helpful with information on how to do things,” Bob said. 

Compliance packaging turns a complex situation into lucidity, offering patients and their healthcare team prescribers an easier way to manage and organize their medications. The pharmacy team packages the medications into an easy to follow strip packaging system that can allow the patient flexibility and efficacy in their medication regimen.  

Since starting the program a month ago, Bob says the biggest benefit he’s received from Conway’s Pharmacy is peace of mind. 

“It has made things so much easier for us as a family because Mary's situation is so complex. It has really helped us out,” he said. 

Conway's Pharmacy

Using MyMeds+ customers will not have to worry about sorting multiple pill bottles, accidentally missing a pill or taking the same pill twice. 

Conway’s brought compliance packaging to the Mount Vernon location three years ago and more recently their location in Danville. Since launching the program at the Mount Vernon location, Conway’s Pharmacy continues to build off the success and feedback they receive. 

In August 2020, Conway’s Eastside Pharmacy bought a robot to do the manual labor of packaging all medications—a service called “strip packaging.” Through this process, it’s easier for prescribers, health care providers and family members to distribute medications in an effortless procedure.  

“Health care providers and family members don’t have to worry about making a weekly trip to set up the patient’s medications...," Conway said. “We have this new process and opportunity of packaging through this robot that has made patients and families less worried about traveling, increased our patients adherence rates with their medications and allowed patients to gain better outcomes in their healthcare."

Joanne Williams, another customer of Conway’s Pharmacy in Mount Vernon also uses MyMeds+ compliance packaging. She’s thankful for not having to look through a drawer worth of prescription pill bottles to find the right one. When Conway approached her with the program, she immediately said yes. 

“What I like is that on the box it shows you pictures of your pills,” Williams said. “In one month your pill size or the color could change if they switch manufacturers, but the picture is always correct. And if I’m feeling skeptical, I will call and [Conway’s Pharmacy] will verify it immediately.” 

Joanne Williams

Joanne Williams is thankful for MyMeds+. Now she doesn't have to look through a drawer worth of prescription pill bottles to find the right one.

Williams is also grateful for the level of comfort, care and empathy she receives whenever she walks into Conway’s Pharmacy. The locality of the store and the reassurance she feels of not just being another patient make her firm on her stance that she’s getting what she deserves. 

“My son has stage four cancer, and we're not sure if he's gonna make it, and Denise asks me or my husband every time we go in there if there are any updates or if there’s anything she can do. And you don't get that everywhere,” Williams said. 

Using MyMeds+ compliance packaging, those with multiple medications can rest assured that they’re getting what they need to keep up with their daily regimens. The West’s and Williams hope to see Conway’s Pharmacy in their city forever.

“They're not just filling bottles and setting them on the counter, they're actually looking out for you as a patient. That's very important to me, and we have found that at Conway's,” Bob said. 

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