Bryant McAfee dressed in gray suit standing at microphone behind podium in city hall
Bryant McAfee, director of business development for Omni Fiber, addresses Mount Vernon City Council on Oct. 23, 2023. Credit: Cheryl Splain

MOUNT VERNON — A Cincinnati-based, privately funded fiber optic company plans to start installing lines within the city in mid-November.

Bryant McAfee, director of business development, said Omni Fiber will invest upward of $8 million to build better internet, TV, and telephone service in the Mount Vernon community.

“Not only for your residents, but your businesses as well,” he told city council members on Oct. 23. “This is a brand new, state-of-the-art network built from scratch.”

McAfee said Omni has entered more than 50 communities where a cable or internet provider already provides service.

“They don’t offer the benefits and reliability that fiber optics can bring. And fiber optics is going to set you up for the future,” he said.

Much of the construction will use current utility poles. However, about 15 percent to 20 percent will be underground. Omni will bring the fiber connection to the premises.

“It doesn’t run to a street in a neighborhood, and it doesn’t run to an area of town. It runs all the way to the home,” McAfee said.

Fiber optic transmits data via a stream of light rather than electrical. That makes fiber more reliable than traditional lines. Light also travels faster than electricity.

Additionally, fiber has symmetrical, or two-way, speeds. That means if you have 1 gigabit coming in, outgoing data will also transmit at 1 gigabit.

McAfee said the lines Omni will install will easily accommodate future upgrades in technology.

Pricing for 0.5 gigabit is $55 a month with auto-pay. Pricing for 1 and 2 gigabit auto-pay are $75 and $95, respectively. The router is included in that price.

“I won’t say it will be cheaper, but it will be better,” McAfee said.

He said construction will be finished by June 2024.

About Omni Fiber

Omni Fiber was established in 2002. Oak Hill Capital, which has backed numerous telecommunications companies, is Omni’s venture partner. Omni serves 13 cities and is under construction in another 12.

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