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MOUNT VERNON — Tanner S. Salyers, Knox County Recorder, announced today that the Knox County Recorder’s Office has completed an extensive digitization project, placing thousands of records online.

The public now has secure, remote access to all data and images anytime and from any location – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – through the Historical Indexes, also called the Online Index Book (OIB). These records, from the beginning of record keeping in Knox County to today, are now digitally available and searchable online.

Digitizing provides a valuable public service by providing convenient access to the information without needing to handle the original documents that are often fragile. Offering online access to records eliminates the need to travel to the office, helping to protect constituents during public health emergencies. By digitizing these documents, Salyers, in his role as Knox County Recorder, is also ensuring that Knox County’s valuable records are preserved and backed up electronically in case of disaster.

“I want to thank my predecessor, John Lybarger, and our Board of Commissioners for getting this important project off the ground,” Salyers said. “It was critical for me to get this across the finish line for the sake of efficiency in our office and for ease of access to the public. Our office is ready and willing to assist anyone utilizing this incredible feature.” 

Knox County worked in partnership with Cott Systems to scan and organize the records using Cott’s Online Index Books software. The public can search Knox County records by visiting the Knox County Recorder’s website, clicking the link to the Recorder’s Index Search in the center of the page, and then choosing the Historical Indexes tab.

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