Mount Vernon is a city on the move. We are building and rebuilding critical infrastructure for a prosperous 21st Century. We are making our community more attractive to job-creating businesses and industry. We are expanding options for healthy family life.

            We are a city that pursues opportunities and embraces change, while respecting the small town values that distinguish us from Ohio’s urban centers. But Mount Vernon didn’t arrive at this enviable place by accident. Our vibrant community is the product of highly engaged citizens, generous donors, and productive bi-partisan leadership by City Council and our Mayor, Richard K. Mavis.

            In urging you to re-elect Mayor Mavis this fall, we could easily dwell on his many achievements, be they multi-million dollar enhancements like our modern central fire station, water and wastewater treatment plants and popular water park and pool; business-building projects like the Delano Run interceptor, and other underground utility improvements we never see, but rely upon every day; or the revitalization of our historic Downtown. The common denominator of these, and so many other civic improvements in our city over the past two decades, has been our knowledgeable, experienced, steadfast, effective and visionary Mayor, Dick Mavis.

            Undeniably past accomplishments are the best predictor of future success; but we all realize elections are about the future, not about the past. As you might expect Mayor Mavis is laser-focused on the needs and challenges that confront Mount Vernon in the near and distant future.

            Among the many projects Mayor Mavis has set in motion are the realization of a unified Route 13 corridor; a modernization of the South Main Street intersection adjacent to the viaduct; replacement of the aging Mount Vernon Avenue bridge east of Memorial Park; linking the Kokosing Gap and Heart of Ohio Trails with a pedestrian and cycle-friendly trail under the viaduct; and maximizing the recreational and economic impact of Ariel-Foundation Park – a signature civic project Mayor Mavis envisioned and promoted over a 15-year period. Administratively the Mayor has streamlined city departments; held accountable negligent property owners and public employees who violate their public trust; and raised law enforcement expectations in the battle against illegal and prescription drug use in our community.

            Success in the Mayor’s office requires knowledge and experience in the nuts and bolts of local government, a qualifier entirely absent in the resume of the Mayor’s opponent in the upcoming election. By contrast, Dick Mavis brought to the Mayor’s Office 20 years of prior local government experience, including a comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance, public funding and civil service administration. As citizens of Mount Vernon we have profited from that experience every day!

            How many civic leaders in Ohio can state they have balanced a $40 million local government budget without an income tax rate increase for 20 consecutive years? Mayor Richard K. Mavis can! With your vote this fall, Mayor Mavis will continue to lead Mount Vernon boldly, confidently, and with fiscal responsibility, into the future.


 Re-elect Mayor Mavis Committee Peggy Mavis, Treasurer, 112 Marita Drive, Mount Vernon, OH 43050

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