Ohio comprises many different regions, people and pursuits. Part of our strength comes from this diversity coupled with key commonalities that unite us. Those of us lucky enough to call Ohio home share a work ethic, creative problem-solving and a penchant for tenacity that makes our state a special place.

"Ohio’s new budget bill keeps us on the right path by cutting taxes by nearly $700 million and getting rid of the red tape that stands in the way of economic growth and job creation," Ohio Senate president Larry Obhof said.

Ohio knows all too well that human trafficking isn’t a problem from the distant past, or one found only in countries across the world — Ohioans are being bought and sold in our own backyards. 

We are heading into one of my favorite times of the year, when agricultural communities come together at fairs throughout the State of Ohio. My family and I look forward to visiting the Medina, Richland, Holmes and Ashland county fairs and Ohio State Fair over the next several weeks.

Last week, Connie and I traveled to El Paso, Texas, on our southern border, to bear witness to this humanitarian crisis. We met with children and families who are coming to our country to flee violence and persecution, seeking a better life.

Suicide is tragic and traumatizing. But, prevention, intervention, and postvention need to be consistently discussed in homes, schools, and communities.


By writing humorous columns and articles about aging, I encourage oldsters (including myself) to laugh and poke fun at the changes that accompany our birthdays. However, ageism is not funny.

Nearly three years ago, I stood in Columbus to announce that the Obama administration was going to finally raise the salary threshold to earn overtime pay, and make millions more workers eligible. 


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