Aaron Behr

MOUNT VERNON -- Aaron Daniel Behr has committed his royalties for all books sold by Jan. 1, 2018 to The Salvation Army, which participates in Food for the Hungry. His first book, “The Husband,” is a novel published by Columbus Press.

The synopsis: “At 34, The Husband has suffered a lifetime of abuse. His spirit is destroyed from bullies, mental illnesses, etc. A choice has to be made. Does he slip the homemade noose around his neck or confront the part of himself he hates the most, The Boy harboring all the pain of his youth? Does he harden his heart and end it all or surrender to his creator? Both require his death. But only one comes with resurrection.”

Behr believes in the efforts of both Salvation Army and Food for the Hungry to reach the abused, suicidal, sick, and hungry. Due to the nature of the novel, it is his desire to help those who are in such positions.

He is a 2007 graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University in English literature and spent a year working for The Mount Vernon Salvation Army alongside Food for the Hungry to provide for the county’s needs. “The Husband” is set to be released Jan. 23, and pre-sale started Dec. 1 at the website aarondanielbehr.com