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May 14

  • Deputies responded to Columbus Rd. on a possible burglary in progress. The deputies spoke with the complainant who told them two males had tried to open a window near her bedroom in an attempt to enter the residence. The complainant was unable to actually see the suspects but stated they had run north on Columbus Rd. prior to the arrival of the deputies. Photographs were taken and a statement was made by the complainant. A report was filed.
  • The complainant reported an unknown person had broken the window of their pull-behind camper. The deputy observed the broken window and found a bullet lying inside the camper right under the window. The damage occurred sometime between April 15, 2019 and May 14, 2019. The complainants requested the incident be documented.
  • The complainant contacted the KCSO by phone. She advised a dumpster had been stolen from her property. A report was made.
  • A deputy responded to Kenyon College for an unknown felony offense. When the deputy arrived on scene he spoke with the complainant who said they wanted to report a burglary. However, they did not want to pursue charges.
  • A deputy was advised of a domestic violence situation in Utica. The suspect, Rodney Williamson, was located and arrested.
  • The complainant contacted the KCSO to report someone had cut the brake lines to his truck sometime during the past week. The complainant said he had the truck in for servicing the brakes and the mechanic told him the brake lines had been cut. He also stated when he took the truck home he observed pieces of cut brake line on the ground where the truck had been parked. The complainant said he could not think of anyone who would do this; he said he had no “enemies.” The deputy advised the complainant on home security and/or trail cams around his property. There is nothing else to report.