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June 7

  • Deputies responded to a report of someone who appeared to be intoxicated sitting in a vehicle at an Apple Valley business' parking lot. The person sitting in the vehicle, Tristen Clifton was arrested after failing a field sobriety test for having physical control of a vehicle while intoxicated and for possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia.
  • Deputies were dispatched to Clutter Rd. for a possible overdose. A male at the scene was found conscious and transported to Knox Community Hospital for treatment. Another male, Michael A. D. Lee, was arrested on a warrant and transported to Ashland County.

June 8

  • The complainant advised her mailbox had been stolen at some point between the end of April 2019 and June 7, 2019. The mailbox was taken from the front of the house. There are no suspects and a report was made for documentation.
  • Andrew W. Pitkiewicz was observed driving south on Sandusky St. in a vehicle with no visible registration. The driver was stopped and it was verified he had no valid operator's license. Pitiewicz gave consent to search the vehicle and two hypodermic needles with residue were found. He was placed under arrest for possession of drug abuse instruments and transported to the Knox County Jail.
  • Cynthia M. Robertson was traveling west on Updike Rd. She became distracted and crossed the center line into the eastbound lane. Robertson over-corrected and went back into the westbound lane and spun into as front yard. She also struck an AEP utility pole and left the scene.
  • The complainant reported there were kids drinking and running around, causing a disturbance behind her house. Deputies arrived and arrested Kyle Queen for an outstanding warrant out of Delaware Municipal Court. Queen was transported and handed over to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. Also, a female juvenile was issued a summons for overage drinking.

June 9

  • The complainant reported her purse was stolen from her unlocked car. The complainant hosted a graduation party but doesn't believe anyone at the party took her purse. Two guests spent the night and reported they thought they heard a car enter the driveway and a car door close. No one looked outside to confirm this information.
  • A deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding near Gambier. The driver, Zachary Parker was arrested for OVI after failing field sobriety tests. Parker was transported to the Knox County Jail.