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June 12

  • The complainant talked to a deputy by phone to report a telephone scam. On June 12, 2019, she received a call around 4:21 PM which came up with the KCSO's phone number on her caller ID. The caller identified himself as a detective with the sheriff's office and that she needed to pay money to them or they would come and get her. The complainant said the caller read off her old address but had her correct Social Security number. The complainant pressed the caller for more information and the caller asked if she was wearing clean panties. Although she recognized the call as a scam she was concerned the caller had he Social Security number and will be filing a report with the Social Security Administration.
  • Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Newark Rd. in reference to a domestic violence incident. Christopher Schaade and Robert Schaade were arrested and charged with domestic violence. They were also held in jail per their probation officer.