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June 25

  • While patrolling Apple Valley Lake a deputy assisted in the rescue of a female who jumped into the lake without a life preserver in pursuit of her dog. Two citizens went above and beyond in assisting with the rescue. A report was made to document the incident.
  • The complainant advised Kaitlyn M. Gilbert was at the incident location and he wanted her arrested for probation violation. Gilbert was arrested and transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.
  • Deputies were advised of the location of Monty V. Thomas, who had a nationwide warrant in Knox County. Thomas was found and the warrant, which was for the act of sodomy on a 6-year-old female, was confirmed. Thomas was then arrested without incident.

June 26

  • A house and vehicle were vandalized by an unknown suspect on Apple Valley Dr. The suspect threw eggs at the hgome and vehicle. The suspect/suspects are unknown at this time.
  • A vehicle was found unoccupied on Paige Rd. Deputies patrolled the area looking for someone on foot but later encountered the vehicle moving. A traffic strop was initiated and during the investigation it was found the suspect was trespassing on the land of another. The suspect was issued a summons in lieu of arrest for trespassing.