Knox County Sheriff graphic


June 20

  • The complainant reported his son, Nicholas B. McCament, assaulted his wife, broke a window, trashed the house and then left. Deputies responded and conducted an investigation. McCament was located, arrested and transported to the Knox County Jail. He was charged with criminal damaging, aggravated menacing, and domestic violence.

June 21

  • Daisy Jane Ewing-Hemry was traveling north on Wooster Rd. and Edith E. Johnson was stopped on Wooster Rd. attempting to turn left onto Proper Rd. Ewing-Hemry struck Johnson's vehicle in the rear and came to rest. Johnson's vehicle was pushed into the intersection and came to rest. Ewing-Hemry was cited for assured clear distance ahead.

June 22

  • Gerard C. Ehrhardt was traveling east ojn Updike Rd. and Bob C. Murphy was traveling north on Johnsville Rd. Ehrhardt rolled through the stop sign hitting the driver's side of Murphy's vehicle causing it to spin around facing south and finally coming top rest in a culvert. Ehrhardt spun around facing west and came back onto Updike Rd. Ehrhardt was cited for failure to obey traffic control sign.

June 23

  • The complainant reported that R. Rittenour, who had an active warrant, was back living next door to him. Deputies arrived and arrested Rittenour. Through further investigation it was learned Rittenour's girlfriend knew he had a warrant and was hiding him at her place. Rittenour was not to be around the girlfriend's children, per Children's' Services. Rittenour was transported to the Knox County Jail without incident.
  • Deputies were dispatched to Murray Rd. for vandalism to a mail box. Once in the area, deputies discovered multiple mail boxes had been damaged.