Avengers Cosplay

The best part of "Avengers: Endgame" was the “Rise of Skywalker” Star Wars trailer at the beginning.

At the Cinemark in Mansfield, theaters were sold out and elbowroom was commuter-flight scarce, as a 22-film culmination finally premiered for beyond-eager fans.

Get ready to fall asleep. Wait, you won’t be able to, because you can hear every seat creak, candy bag crinkle and all the hands scraping the butter walls of the cardboard popcorn buckets. Didn’t know Chaplin was still making silent films.

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Adam Fox, Ashland Source Columnist

"Avengers: Infinity War" was pure brilliance. But "Endgame" is not an action movie; it’s a drama. Like, there are more long stares of locked-eyes silence than a Mexican telenovela. “Por que, Señor Iron Man, por que?!?!”

Remember when Forrest Gump goes home and his mom is cancer sick and they share their last moment bedside, as she looks lovingly into his eyes? That’s pretty much the whole Avengers movie. Only that doesn’t really translate to actors dressed like comic-book creatures.

Who will defeat Thanos?

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There are a few places where credit is due to the Cleveland-born directors, The Russo Brothers: one, they managed to combine an insane amount of characters and the comic universes from which they came. Two, the special effects and cinematography were magnificent — never once did you doubt the reality of these planet-scapes. Three, they created a true villain in Thanos, whose mental meticulousness matched his pure fury and power.

Due to the promise of no spoilers, the plot can’t be discussed. But what I can relay is there are some great shockers along the way. And I can tell you the plot makes absolutely no sense. Endgame writers try to justify this lapse in logic by simply saying, Back to the Future (and every other movie concerning time), had it all wrong.

Acting awards: Chris Hemsworth pulled off another hilarious version of Thor, this time with nods to the "Big Lewbowski."

Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man started it all back in 2008, and he’s simply refused to let Tony Stark ever become bland or a victim of his own clichés (which can’t be said for Chris Evans’ Captain America).

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel is the perfect female role model for young girls. When the question is posed concerning why anyone should think the battle result would be any different this time around, she states the obvious: “Because this time you have me.”

How Paul Rudd went from “Red Hot American Summer” to Ant Man, no one knows, but his humor was a true saving grace in the film. The Internet rumor all year was that Ant Man was going to crawl up Thanos’ butt and then expand. Guess you’ll have to wait and see.

Endgame is a cultural event, and you won’t let a review deter you from indulging (here are the showtimes). But just remember, you’re going to see a talking raccoon, not “The Shawshank Redemption.” Have zero expectations and you’ll be just fine.