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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio


Brew pub coming to downtown Mount Vernon

By Dylan McCament, KnoxPages.com Reporter

MOUNT VERNON - A few years ago, a local businessman learned about a new method that makes it possible for a restaurant to have an on-site brewery at a relatively low cost.

Now, he's putting the idea into practice in downtown Mount Vernon.

Stein Brewing Company Restaurant & Taproom will open early November in the Woodward Opera House building, according to founder David Stein of Mount Vernon. According to his research, it will be the first brewery to open in the county over 140 years and only the second that the city has ever seen.

The multifaceted 4,600 square foot business will include a small brewery, a full-service kitchen and a taproom.

brewpub image

Stein Brewing Company pub image - courtesy David Stein

"With most brewers, their passion is beer," he said. "The food part is completely ancillary to what they're trying to do. They want to be the next big brewery. My goal is to make awesome beer to complement the food."

Stein said construction on the business is already underway. Stein Brewing Company Restaurant & Taproom will stretch across 105, 107, 109 and 111 South Main Street. The brewery and restaurant will sell wine and beer (including kegs) while the taproom will serve a wider variety of alcoholic beverages. He said the restaurant and taproom each require a separate liquor license, which sets limits on what can be sold, but added that patrons will be able to order the same menu items anywhere in the business.

"I started getting ideas," Stein said. "I got the idea for the brewery. Then I started thinking that I'd like to do the restaurant. Then I started to think of all the food that I like to eat that I can't necessarily get in Mount Vernon. I kind of rolled all these ideas into one. And the idea keeps morphing."

He said he expects to employ anywhere from 40 to 50 people, including a full time chef and general manager. The brewery/restaurant side will accomodate about 95 people, Stein added, and the taproom should allow for about 50 people at once. He plans to serve American Brew Pub fare including smoked burgers and smoked chicken wings and has over 100 different beer recipes to choose from.

"I've had a vision of a tremendously unique style of brewery restaurant for some time," Stein said. "I have worked very hard trying to find a site and the Woodward building presented itself as an ideal spot."

He said he is working with a leading Canadian brewing company, SmartBrew, to set up the brewing equipment. Stein said the method is twofold: the first half of the process is done off-site and includes the preparation of ingredients so they are "pre-ready."

"The brewing is done on-site," he said. "This helps reduce cost and makes it affordable to implement this concept in a small town. I don't have to make it so expensive that I price the own out of a good craft beer experience."

Stein grew up in Columbus but has lived in Mount Vernon for the last eight years. He said has worked in the hospitality industry and focused on selling beverage dispensers to bars, restaurants and other businesses. SBC will be his first restaurant. In January, he sold his company in Plain City, Ohio and made good on a promise to his wife that his next business venture would be closer to home.

"I wanted to do something local. I've really taken a liking to Mount Vernon. I really enjoy the city," Stein said. "I like the rural communities. They support things. If you support them. They'll support you."

He said he hopes that he hopes open similar brew pubs in multiple locations and eventually turn the concept into franchise. Stein said he wants to cater to "underserved" communities with a population of between 40,000 to 60,000, markets that are too small to attract franchises like a Rooster's or an Old Bag of Nails

"I am really testing my concept." he said. "I think Mount Vernon is probably at the low end in terms of the number of people: I can't do something of this magnitude in a city with a population less than what we have in our town. If I can make it successful here, I can make it successful in plenty of other towns across the country."

Stein said he is grateful for the helpful advice he has received from local officials and members of the business community. He added that he looks forward to reaching out to the community and will give customers the option to donate to local organizations by "rounding up" their tips.

Grand Jury indicts Kevin Remillard on two counts in death of Nick Remillard

MOUNT VERNON - The Knox County Grand Jury has indicted the Gambier man accused in the death of 20 year old Nick Remillard June 10th.

According to count one of the indictment, Kevin Remillard committed murder by purposely causing his cousin Nick's death. The indictment also states that Kevin had a firearm while commiting the offense. Count two says Kevin tampered with evidence. Earlier reports from law enforcement said Nick's body was found in an abandoned pool behind the Remillard home.

Knox County Prosector Chip McConville told the Mount Vernon News that the murder weapon has not been recovered. He also said that Kevin will soon be transferred to a behavioral mental health facility in Columbus. While officers were searching last week Sheriff David Shaffer sent out a news release saying, "[Kevin] is believed to suffer from mental health issues." 

Kevin was on the run for three days before turning himself in. 

Nick's memorial service was held last Saturday.

Kevin Remillard indictment


Fatal plane accident over the weekend at Wynkoop

MOUNT VERNON - The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a plane accident involving a single engine plane at approximately 1:30p.m. on Saturday at Wynkoop Airport, in Clinton Township in Knox County. 

Larry L. Hoover, age 79, of Millersport was starting his 1941 Aeronca 65-CA fixed wing single engine airplane. Mr. Hoover was struck by the propeller blades after the engine had started. He was transported to the OSU Medical Center by MedFlight where he succumbed to his injuries at 5:50 P.M.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol was assisted at the scene by the Mount Vernon Fire Department and Knox County Sheriff’s Office. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was notified and responded to the scene.

Alcohol or drugs do not appear to be a factor in the incident.

The crash remains under investigation by the Mount Gilead Patrol Post.


Village Market finds a new home in Gambier

By George Breithaupt, KnoxPages.com Reporter

GAMBIER - Village Market manager Tim Newton is moving and excited about it. For the last 20 plus years, the Village Market has been a fixture on the corner of Gaskin Avenue and Brooklyn Street in Gambier. But now it will soon be ensconced in a newer, more modern facility and Newton sees nothing but good for the market and for Gambier.

"We've equipped the market with brand new freezers, a brand new produce case where we put the cheeses, yogurt, and milk," Newton said. "We are also working on a new point-of-sale system"

Newton thinks having a market like his is very important and serves the community in many ways.

"I think it (the Village Market) is very important to the community and we take it very seriously," he explained. "That's why we are going to try to get it back up and running as soon as we can."

Newton closed the market on Thursday, June 15th and he intends to re-open today at the corner of Chase Avenue & Brooklyn Street. The move will be largely done by that time but the move will be an ongoing effort. Newton expects to be restocking the shelves in the new market for several weeks.

Village mkt new by GB

New Village Market interior - KP Photo by George Breithaupt

"I had to reduce my inventory in order to make the move," he said. "I have a very good relationship with my distributors and I have a lot of distributors. They are all used to supplying small markets. So I will be getting more stock in on a regular basis."

The Village Market was formerly owned and operated by Bob & Deb Tier and Roger & Katie Fannin. They ran the market for more than 20 years before selling it seven years ago. The original village market before the Fannins and Tiers was the Hays Market. Newton hopes to find the time to do a little research on the history of the market and perhaps do a timeline of its history.


Drug survey to be discussed at Knox Addiction Conference


MOUNT VERNON - Over 450 residents responded to an online survey about drugs in our community conducted by the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office. The results will be discussed at next week’s Knox Addiction Conference sponsored by the Knox Substance Abuse Action Team.

The results were as follows, respondents could answer one or several responses as appropriate:

70% have a friend or family member that struggles with addiction

45% believe drugs are being sold in their neighborhood

28% have been a victim of a drug related crime

12% have witnessed drug activity at school

9% have not been affected 

The Knox Addiction Conference is hosted by the Knox Substance Abuse Action Team (KSAAT). This conference offers a number of different professional development tracks and opportunities for continuing education credits.

The presentations are also open to the general public and will give information on what is being done to address drug abuse in our community and immediate ways that each one of us can get involved in supporting people in recovery and strengthening the community.

The conference will be held June 28th and 29th in Rosse Hall on the Kenyon College campus, starting at 8:30am. For a full listing of sessions and times, visit KSAAT.org

Registration for all attendees is required. Breakfast, lunch, and all conference materials are included in your registration fee. Materials can only be guaranteed for attendees who register by June 15th, but registrations will be accepted up until the morning of the conference. Lunch is going to be provided cafeteria style and will have options for those with special dietary needs. Registration and breakfast will begin at 7 am both days in Rosse Hall.

In addition to the general conference, luncheons for physicians and business professionals will be offered. Topics at the lunch will be specific to these professions. If you plan to attend the luncheon and the conference, registration for both events is required.

The conference will also offer an evening event on Wednesday, June 28th from 7-9 pm hosted by the Knox Health Planning Partnership Resilience Team: RESILIENCE: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope.



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