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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio


Rep. Carfagna "absolutely interested" in Tiberi's Congressional seat

By Marty Trese, KnoxPages.com Editor

MOUNT VERNON - State Representative Rick Carfagna says he is "absolutely interested" in Congressman Pat Tiberi's seat.  Tiberi announced today that he is resigning as Representative for Ohio's 12th Congressioinal District, which includes Carfagna's Delaware County neighborhood. Carfagna represents Knox County and a portion of Delaware County in Columbus.

In a statement Tiberi said, It has been the most remarkable honor of my life to serve the people of the 12th District. As the son of Italian immigrants, I am forever grateful for the opportunity my parents gave me by coming to America and raising our family in Ohio. It was because of their pursuit of the American Dream that made it possible for me to serve 17 years in the halls of Congress representing my home. This truly is the greatest country in the world.


“Today, it is with a humble and thankful heart that I announce I will not be seeking reelection. While I have not yet determined a final resignation date, I will be leaving Congress by January 31, 2018. I have been presented with an opportunity to lead the Ohio Business Roundtable that will allow me to continue to work on public policy issues impacting Ohioans while also spending more time with my family. Leaving Congress is not a decision I take lightly but after a lot of consideration, it is the best one for me, my wife, Denice, and our four wonderful daughters."

Tiberi is a neighbor and mentor of Carfagna's. The Congressman contributed to Carfagna's successful campaign for State Representative.

Carfagna told KnoxPages.com that he is,"Still trying to process it [Tiberi's resignation announcement]. It is a sudden turn of events. I credit [Tiberi] for giving me my start in politics.  He sponsored me as a page in the the Ohio House." Carfagna continued, "He's choosing being a father and husband over a position in Washington DC. He has been very candid about how toxic it is in DC." 


According to ThoughtCo.com the U.S. Constitution and state law say the governor of the state calls for a special election to replace a vacant House seat. The full election cycle must be followed including political party nominating processes, primary elections and a general election, all held in the congressional district involved. The entire process often takes as long as from three to six months.

While a House seat is vacant, the office of the former representative remains open, its staff operating under the supervision of the Clerk of the House of Representatives.


Tiberi at GOP dinneer 2222017

Congressman Tiberi spoke at the Knox County Republican Party annual dinner in February. KP file photo    


Timed route service being explored by KAT for three villages

By Cheryl Splain, KnoxPages.com Reporter

MOUNT VERNON — A proposal to offer transit service routes to three Knox County villages is in its infancy stage, but Martin McAvoy, director of Knox Area Transit, hopes to have something in place next year.

“Our hope is to do something in 2018,” he said. “We're trying to determine what kind of interest is in the community and the business community, because it does involve the business community. We're talking with employers and employees to gauge interest.”

The idea is to provide timed route service from Centerburg, Danville and Fredericktown to The Station Break transfer station in Mount Vernon. Riders could then transfer to the Mount Vernon-Gambier shuttle, another shuttle in the Mount Vernon system or an industrial park shuttle which would be created. The village and industrial park shuttles would run Monday through Friday.

The Ohio Department of Transportation offers a six-month pilot demonstration for new services, but the program must be locally funded. After four months, KAT can supply documentation of service and a funding request to ODOT. McAvoy estimates the six-month service cost will be $75,559.12.

“We're still trying to work on funding, how we can generate and raise that,” he said.

The proposed fare for the new shuttles is $1. Riders from the villages can travel from the village to their destination in Mount Vernon, Gambier or the industrial park for $2 one way and $4 round trip. Following are the proposed stops for each route:
*Centerburg Express Route: west side of Centerburg, east side of Centerburg, west side of Mount Vernon and The Station Break transfer station.
*Danville Express Route: central location in Danville, Howard and The Station Break transfer station.
*Fredericktown Express Route: north side of Fredericktown, central location, south side of Fredericktown, north side of Mount Vernon and The Station Break transfer station.
*Industrial Park Route: The Station Break transfer station, Commerce Drive in the industrial park, Commerce Drive and Blackjack Road, Sanoh and along Granville Road.

The Centerburg, Danville and Fredericktown routes would begin at 6 a.m.; riders reach The Station Break at 6:30 a.m. A shuttle arrives at the first stop in the village every hour; the last shuttle of the day reaches The Station Break at 4:30 p.m.

The industrial park route leaves The Station Break at 6:30 a.m. and reaches Sanoh, the end-of-line stop, at 6:45 a.m. Subsequent shuttles leave The Station Break at 7, 7:30 and 8 a.m. Afternoon shuttles leave The Station Break beginning at 2:30, arriving at Sanoh at 2:45. Subsequent shuttles leave Sanoh at 3:15 and 3:45; the last shuttle of the day reaches The Station Break at 4 p.m.

Service for an industrial park employee working first shift might look like this:
*6 a.m., catch village shuttle ($1)
*6:30 a.m., arrive The Station Break, transfer to industrial park shuttle ($1)
*6:45 a.m., arrive at work
*7 a.m., start work
*3 p.m., off work
*3:15 p.m., catch industrial park shuttle ($1)
*3:30 p.m., arrive The Station Break, transfer to village shuttle ($1)
*4 p.m., arrive back in the village

Vietnam Veteran Ron Hull honored by Mount Vernon School board with diploma

MOUNT VERNON - The Mount Vernon City School Board of Education board honored Vietnam veteran Ron Hull at Monday's meeting. Hull attended MVHS up until his senior year in 1961 when he entered the military to serve his country in Vietnam. Superintendent Bill Seder presented Hull with a MVHS diploma. 

It was all captured on video and can be seen below:

Knox County Grand Jury indictments Oct. 16, 2017

MOUNT VERNON - This week the Knox County Grand Jury indicted Angie M. Hayes, 44, on eight counts of Theft of Drugs, Felony 4th degree; eight counts of Tampering wtih Records, Misdemeanor 1st degree; and Forgery, Felony 5th degree. 

The Grand Jury also indicted the following: 

Bryan Lamb, 31, Illegal Manufacture of Drugs, Felony 2nd degree; Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Felony 3rd degree.

Tammy Green, 43, Three counts of Aggravated Vehicular Assault, Felony 3rd degree; Operating a vehicle while under the Influence of Alcohol, Misdemeanor 1st degree.

Jennifer Pauley, 36, Complicity in the Commission of Break and Entering, Felony 5th degree; Complicity in the Commission of Petty Theft, Misdemeanor 1st degree.

Randolph McGregor, 34, Breaking & Entering, Felony 5th degree; Complicity in the Commission of Breaking & Entering, Misdemeanor 1st degree; Possession of Drugs, Felony 5th degree; Complicity in the Commission of Petty Theft, Misdemeanor 1st degree; Receiving Stolen Property, Felony 5th degree.

Marvin Woodruff, 45, Complicity in the Commission of Breaking & Entering, Felony 5th degree.

Jessey Thompson, 27, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Felony 3rd degree.

Dustin M. Johnson, 23, Two counts of Breaking & Entering, Felony 5th degree; Criminal Damaging, Misdemeanor 2nd degree; Theft, Felony 5th degree.

Steven M. Thompson, 25, Breaking & Entering, Felony 5th degree; Petty Theft, Misdemeanor 1st degree.

Jeremy Dinsmore, 38, Illegal Manfacture of Drugs, Felony 2nd degree.


Maplewood condo expansion plans raise concerns

By Cheryl Splain, KnoxPages.com Reporter

MOUNT VERNON — More development may be coming to the corner of Gambier Road (Ohio 229) and Eastern Star Road.

Frank Rosato, vice president of the Newark-based Southgate Corp., told the city's Municipal Planning Commission that plans to proceed with Phase 2 of Maplewood Condominiums have been “dusted off and reviewed” to see if it is still a viable project. Phase 1, from the property's center line eastward, was completed in 2006.

“We stepped away from the project primarily due to economic problems,” he said, citing a downturn in residential sales and lender reluctance due to the recession. “Mentally we are still committed to doing this, but we are still working on numbers to see if it makes sense.”

The expansion, which will be governed by its own homeowners association, includes 19 buildings, which Rosato said follows the blueprints submitted in 2006. One building was eliminated in favor of adding a second retention pond. The buildings will look similar to the existing condominiums but not identical and will not have basements. “The intent is to blend in,” said Rosato, adding that similar features will include a stone facade and the same front doors.

Rosato said construction might be on a 2018 timeline. Southgate representatives have not yet met with current condominium owners because so much is in the preliminary stage. He said he wanted to get the storm water and civil engineering part started while working on pricing.

“I'm not sure what I would tell them,” he said. “We are still gathering numbers. Realtors feel strongly what the pricing needs to be. We've not yet met with people because the initial pricing came in higher than the numbers we had. I think we were a little optimistic in cost.”

Commission member Jeff Ulery questioned why the plan does not align its entrance road with the Ohio Eastern Star Home road. Rosato said that the OESH road might have to be realigned to the north if a connector road goes in north of the condominium complex.

Bill Hogg, president of the Maplewood Condominium Association, said that the number of people attending the meeting “is an indication we have concerns.” “We kind of wondered why it got this far without us being told anything,” he said.

After meeting on Wednesday, the association board had two concerns:
*Retention pond. Several years ago, the retention pond in Phase 1 overflowed. Hogg said the concern is where the water will go if that happens again.“The new one should be picking up storm water from the site. Storm water can't leave the site any faster post-construction than pre-construction,” said Rosato.
*Road alignment: The condominium owners prefer that the entrance to Phase 2 homes does not align with the OESH entrance. “That's going to be a real traffic headache,” said Hogg.

City Engineer Brian Ball questioned who will maintain the roads, adding that is an issue that will definitely need to be addressed between the two homeowner associations.


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