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Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio

MOUNT VERNON - Sarah Goslee Reed’s new CD, Sleep Like Fish, is ready for all ears and eyes!

Ever since her granddaughter was born three years ago, Sarah has been wanting to record some of the songs she sang to her children when they were little. As she planned and thought about it, the project changed, new songs were written, old songs were considered, and it began to gel. The songs are for young and old, awake or asleep, although the songs won't put anyone to sleep.

Most exciting is the artwork done by Vicki Herrick Coleman, depicting the Sleepy Song, written for her grandchildren to encourage them to sleep. The idea for this song came from The Sleepy Book, a Little Golden Book by Margaret Wise Brown. In the story, all the animals go to sleep - such an elegantly simple idea, but often so hard to accomplish with little ones! “As I was reading it one night, I thought it would make a nice song. I worked for over a year to get it just right, and played it for Vicki so she could hear all the creatures I mention. The cover shows a fish all dressed up to go out on the town, complete with dress, high heels and purse. As it says in the story, fish sleep with their eyes open, so I thought it would be fun to have a not so sleepy looking fish on the cover. Many of us have trouble sleeping in the middle of the night, so this collection of songs is for adults as well as little ones,” said Sarah.

The CD was recorded locally at Ray's Place, a studio owned and operated by Skip Trask and highlights our talented local musicians. The lyrics for To-Bed Song came from Phil Ruopp, a poet Sarah met in Yellow Springs, Ohio. They corresponded for years sharing each other’s poetry and songs. This song features Jeff Putnam on banjo and Bill Carpenter on mandolin. Gordon Lightfoot’s The Ponyman soothed her young son during a visit to the dentist, and he now sings the song to his son at bedtime. Chris and Catherine Hillman wrote Lullaby Time in the Desert. This song gave Sarah an opportunity to add a dobro part, and Mike Petee’s harmonica gives it a cowboy around the campfire feel. The Donovan song, Epistle to Derroll has been in her repertoire since college. Although Derroll is only mentioned in the title, he is Derroll Adams, a friend of Donovan’s, a spectacular banjo player who had tatoos on his fingers. Jeff Putnam adds banjo to this song, and Megan Campbell sings a perfect “Starfish Chorus."

Yellowbud and Now We Are Family were written for her grandchildren, and an old favorite, The Timeless Rocker, was given a new verse for them. Yellowbud, Ohio is a small town south of Columbus, but has become a nickname for Sarah’s granddaughter. Kerry Kean, Sarah’s partner from her duo Goslee Reed and Kean, plays guitar on the song, and Mike Petee adds harmonica, giving the song an old-time dancing feel. Both Now We Are Family and The Timeless Rocker have mandolin added by Bill Carpenter. Malvina Reynolds has written many memorable songs, one of which is Morningtown Ride, and Baby Beluga gave Ted Buehrer a chance to make his trumpet sound like a beluga whale! The Marrow of Our Bones is the result of a songwriting camp Sarah attended last year in Nederland, Colorado, and came from the prompt: “using a photograph, write about something not in the picture”. The song is about motherhood, and it reflects upon the mothers missing from our lives. Bill Carpenter heard the song once and played the Spanish sounding guitar that gives the song a mysterious feel. Throughout the recording, Sarah’s guitar and vocals are joined by Andrew Clarkson on upright bass and Skip Trask on percussion.

The CD is available at the Coleman Gallerie, the Harvest Shoppe, and Paragraphs bookstore. In addition, it is available online at www.cdbaby.com as a physical CD or download, as well as through iTunes.

To hear a sample from the CD click here.

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